Business Scenario: Open Platform 3.0™ – Detailed Objectives


The overall objective of Open Platform 3.0 can be stated quite simply.

Enterprises should be able to create, evolve, adopt, and use solutions based on current and future emerging technologies to achieve business value.

These solutions should:

  • Enable Boundaryless Information Flow
  • Allow users to mix and match technology products and services
  • Support the business innovations that enterprises want to make, including changes in the style of business operations

The following sections provide explanation, say how success will be measured, and set a timeline.

Boundaryless Information Flow

Boundaryless Information Flow ? a shorthand representation of “access to integrated information to support business process improvements” ? represents a desired state of an enterprise’s infrastructure and is specific to the business needs of the organization. An infrastructure that provides Boundaryless Information Flow has open standard components that provide services in a customer's extended enterprise that:

  • Combine multiple sources of information
  • Securely deliver the information whenever and wherever it is needed, in the right context for the people or systems using that information

The inspiration for Boundaryless Information Flow has been captured in the Interoperable Enterprise Business Scenario [IOP].


Specific current emerging technologies include cloud, social and mobile computing, data analytics, and the Internet of things. Cognitive computing may be a future emerging technology.

Success Criteria

Success will be measured by adoption and use of conforming implementations, as success of the first platform can be measured by the size of the UNIX system and Linux markets.

A further indication will be whether there is acceleration in take-up of new technologies, as compared with analyst forecasts [IDC].


IDC predicts that:

  • In 2013, there will be much greater urgency as the market moves way past the “exploration” stage to full-blown large-stakes competition.
  • By 2020, 40% of industry revenue and 98% of its growth will be driven by third platform technology.

On the basis of this prediction, The Open Group should aim to deliver:

  • A Snapshot to set direction for products and services in early 2014
  • Approved Open Group standards in early 2015
  • New versions of the standards to meet the needs of the developing market in subsequent years