Open Platform 3.0™ Snapshot


This document is a Snapshot of The Open Group Open Platform 3.0™ Standard. It has been developed and approved by The Open Group.

The Open Platform 3.0 Standard will specify interoperable application platforms that will enable enterprises to gain business benefit from new technologies, including cloud computing, mobile computing, social computing, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This is the second Snapshot of the Open Platform 3.0 Standard. It is a public draft that describes:

  • The context in which the standard will apply
  • The top-level business capabilities that it will require the platforms to have
  • Technical capabilities that instantiate those capabilities
  • Some realizations of one of the technical capabilities
  • The basic ways in which platforms will interact with each other and with other system components

Chapter 1: Introduction provides an introduction to the Snapshot, indicates what the conformance requirements for the standard will be, and lists the standard terminology to be used in normative text.

Chapter 2: Definitions defines the key terms used in the Snapshot.

Chapter 3: Enterprise Ecosystems presents a reference model, key concepts, and principles for the ongoing evolution of ecosystems within extended enterprises.

Chapter 4: Wider Business Ecosystems presents informative considerations for wider business ecosystems that contain enterprises.

Chapter 5: Platform Capabilities lists the top-level business capabilities that a conforming platform will have or that multiple conforming platforms will have in combination, describes technical capabilities that instantiate the business capabilities, and gives an initial, partial description of how the technical capabilities can be realized.

Chapter 6: Basic Architecture Models describes a number of basic architecture models in which platforms interact with each other and with other system components.