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"Sun Microsystems welcomes and supports the combined revision of the IEEE POSIX specification and The Open Group's Single UNIX Specification. Through industry adoption of these standards, source level compatibility of applications for all UNIX systems will be that much more achievable to the benefit of users around the globe." said Andrew Roach, Director of Solaris Engineering at Sun Microsystems.

"The new revision of the POSIX and The Open Group standard is the most significant development in the standards field for ten years. And considering its size and importance, it was produced in record time. To be able to write once and adopt in three different bodies effectively simultaneously is a major win for everyone" said Nick Stoughton, the USENIX Association's Standards Representative.

"I have been actively involved in the development of the Austin Group specification, and we have been implementing the specification in the latest glibc versions" said Ulrich Drepper, maintainer of the GNU C library. "I welcome the availability of the free html version, it is sure to become valuable reference for the free software community."

"QNX welcomes the timely merger of the IEEE POSIX specification and The Open Group's Single UNIX Specification," said Peter van der Veen, chief architect at QNX Software Systems. "Growing support for this specification will benefit developers immensely, since it allows them to choose the best OS for the job at hand, without having to rewrite their entire code base or change their programming model."


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