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Guide to the HTNG Certification Program

Issue 1.13 - November 2013

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Referenced Specification(s)
1.2 Summary of Web References
1.3 HTNG Certification Contacts
1.4 Email Notifications from the HTNG Certification Authority

2. How to Achieve HTNG Certification

2.1 Understanding the Certification Program
2.2 Confidentiality
2.3 Informal Validation
2.4 Certification
2.5 The HTNG Trademark License Agreement (TMLA)
2.6 The HTNG Certification Agreement

3. Product Registration

3.1 Completing the Trademark License Agreement
3.2 Producing a Conformance Statement
3.3 Registering your Organization within the Web Certification System
3.4 Registering your Product within the Web Certification System
3.5 Uploading your Conformance Statement
3.6 Completion of Certification

4. Renewals and Certified Product Updates

4.1 The Renewals Process
4.2 Certified Product Updates

5. Supporting Processes

5.1 The Appeals Process

6. Certification Checklist

1. Introduction

This document is a guide for suppliers who want to certify products in the HTNG Certification Program. It will guide you through all the steps required for certification.

HTNG certification is awarded to those products that have been certified by the HTNG Certification Authority as having demonstrated their conformance to the applicable conformance requirements. The detailed requirements for conformance are identified in the HTNG Product Specifications. Only suppliers of a certified product may use the HTNG trademark in connection with their product.

The HTNG Certification Policy governs the HTNG Certification Program. The use of the HTNG trademark is governed by the HTNG Trademark License Agreement. The HTNG Certification Agreement covers the terms and conditions of the certification service, along with the obligations of the supplier certifying a product. Your organization must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in all three documents prior to certification. For your convenience, significant highlights of the HTNG certification process are outlined below, and later sections provide more comprehensive information.

  1. The HTNG certification program is administered on behalf of the HTNG by its designated Certification Authority, The Open Group.
  2. You will be granted a license to use the HTNG trademark in connection with your product when your product has met all the requirements of the program, including passing the applicable test suite(s), and you have formally agreed to all the required terms.
  3. The HTNG Trademark License Agreement must be fully signed (signatures are required from both you and the The Open Group) in order to have a product certified.
  4. A certified product is subject to renewal of certification on a periodic basis as stated in the HTNG Certification Policy.
  5. All product information supplied to the Certification Authority will be treated as confidential, as required by the HTNG Certification Agreement.
  6. The HTNG Certification Authority may, from time to time, request proof that your product remains in compliance with the requirements outlined in the HTNG conformance requirements, as required by the HTNG Certification Policy.

At the end of this document is a Certification Checklist to help you make sure that your product registration is complete.


Note: In the event of any conflicts, this guide defers to the HTNG Certification Policy, the HTNG Trademark License Agreement, and the HTNG Certification Agreement.

1.1 Referenced Specification(s)

The specification(s) currently referenced for the HTNG certification program are:

Version 2007A

Version 2008A

Version 2008B

Version 2009A

Version 2009B

Version 2010A

Version 2010B

Version 2011A

Version 2011B

Version 2012A

Version 2012B

Version 2013A

Version 2013B

These are referenced by the HTNG Product Specifications and are located at

1.2 Summary of Web References

A summary of the external web references follows: The starting point for HTNG Certification (PDF) The HTNG Certification Policy The HTNG Specifications The Guide to HTNG Certification The HTNG Certification Register The current set of Product Specifications The Conformance Statement Questionnaires The HTNG Certification Agreement The HTNG Trademark License Agreement The HTNG Fee Schedule The Problem Reporting and Interpretations System The Frequently Asked Questions File

1.3 HTNG Certification Contacts

You may contact the HTNG Certification Authority via email at for questions regarding certification.

1.4 Email Notifications from the HTNG Certification Authority

Email notifications will be sent to your organization's designated certification contacts by the HTNG Certification Authority. These notifications will provide information on the actions required by your organization to certify a product or renew or update a product's certification as well as status on your certifications.

Email will be sent from the email address for either the HTNG Certification Authority ( or the web-based certification system ( Please ensure that if your organization has spam filters in place that your organization's certification contacts will be able to receive email notifications from these two email addresses.

2. How to Achieve HTNG Certification

This guide details the steps you are required to take to achieve certification and provides information on how to perform each of these steps.

The process involves:

2.1 Understanding the Certification Program

To become familiar with the program, you should read the following program documents:

2.1.1 The HTNG Certification Policy

It is best to start with the HTNG Certification Policy, which is the foundation of the program. It provides information on what can be certified, what it means to be certified, and what is required for achieving and maintaining a product certification.

2.1.2 The HTNG Product Specifications

The HTNG Product Specifications should then be read to understand the detailed conformance requirements against which a product may be certified. Product Specifications provide a mapping between certification, the HTNG specification(s), and the validation procedures needed, if any, to demonstrate conformance. There is an HTNG Product Specification for each category of product that can be certified, available at

The current Product Specifications against which products may be certified are:

2.2 Confidentiality

Your organization and product information is absolutely confidential between you and the HTNG Certification Authority. This is effective once you accept the HTNG Certification Agreement, which is a prerequisite to registering for certification. The Certification Authority does not make any certification information available to any third party, without the written permission of the supplier.

Upon successful completion of the certification process, the certified product will be included in the publicly available Certification Register at However, to enable you to launch a certified product, you may request that certification remain confidential for up to 6 months from the date of written notification by the Certification Authority that a product has achieved certification. A request that certification remain confidential can be made when defining the product at the commencement of a product registration (see the section below on Registering Your Product Within the Web Certification System).

See Section 12 of the HTNG Certification Policy for further information on the confidentiality policy.

2.3 Informal Validation

For the initial product specifications in the HTNG certification program there are no validation procedures and so informal validation should be by whatever methods you deem appropriate, to make sure that your product meets the applicable conformance requirements and is ready for entry into the certification program.

2.3.1 Problems and Problem Reporting

If you believe there is a problem in the Product Specification or underlying specification(s) that would prevent you from certifying your product then please check the Problem Report information database at The online Problem Report database contains known information on existing bugs and interpretations of the specification that effect certification. The issue may already be resolved by a HTNG specification Interpretation. If it is not, please raise a new Problem Report at .

2.4 Certification

Certification is a formal process. You, as a supplier of a certified product, must warrant and represent that your product meets all the conformance requirements applicable to the Product Specification against which it is certified and implements all the features claimed in the Conformance Statement.

The obligations, terms, and conditions of certification are fully set out in the following documents:

These documents are available via the HTNG web certification system at

It is necessary to read these documents before you start the certification process in order to fully understand the policies and requirements.

2.5 The HTNG Trademark License Agreement (TMLA)

The HTNG Trademark License Agreement is between you and The Open Group and requires signature by each party. The TMLA defines the terms under which you will license the certification trademark for use in connection with your certified products.

It is recommended that you commence the process to complete the HTNG Trademark License Agreement as soon as possible to save delays later in the certification process. A  Trademark License Agreement must be completed before a product can complete the certification process and be entered onto the Certification Register.

The Trademark License Agreement only needs to be entered into once per organization. Once it is in place multiple products can be certified, without the need to execute another agreement with The Open Group.

2.6 The HTNG Certification Agreement

You are required to agree to the HTNG Certification Agreement for each product registration.

The HTNG Certification Agreement is between you and the Certification Authority. It defines the certification service provided by the Certification Authority and the legal commitment by your organization to the conditions of the certification program.  This is also where you warrant conformance of your product to the relevant Product Specification.


Note: The HTNG Certification Agreement is a web-based agreement. When you click the "I accept" button you are indicating that you accept the terms and conditions.

3. Product Registration

There are several steps that may be performed in parallel to start the certification process. The HTNG Trademark License Agreement and the Conformance Statement Questionnaires are available on the HTNG certification web site. These documents may be downloaded before you formally register your organization and/or product with the HTNG certification system, as these documents may take some time to review and complete.

3.1 Completing the Trademark License Agreement

A requirement of certification is that you must execute a Trademark License Agreement with The Open Group.

Although a completed Trademark License Agreement is not required before you commence with organization and product registration, we recommend that you submit your signed Trademark License Agreement to The Open Group as early as possible in the process. You should download the TMLA from the link provided within the web certification system and follow the instructions for submitting it to The Open Group. Once you have submitted it to The Open Group, you should enter the date of submittal into the web certification system (at the bottom of your organization home page). This will enable the Certification Authority to follow-up with The Open Group legal department to ensure the TMLA is countersigned by them.

3.2 Producing a Conformance Statement

Another step that should be performed early in the process is producing a Conformance Statement to describe your product and how it meets the conformance requirements. Your Conformance Statement will be linked into the Certification Register entry for the product once it is certified. A Conformance Statement Questionnaire is available for each Product Specification at

You must complete the relevant questionnaire to create a Conformance Statement for your product. See Section 2 step #2 and Section 3.3 of the HTNG Certification Policy for further information on the purpose of the Conformance Statement.

Conformance Statement Questionnaires for the 2011B release and onwards are provided as Excel files. Conformance Statement Questionnaires for the 2011A release and earlier releases are provided as html templates. You should download the applicable template and edit it to provide your response, retaining the existing layout. You must submit the completed Conformance Statement to the Certification Authority using the web certification system. Conversion of the template to a different format or changes to the template in sections other than those allocated for responses are not acceptable and will result in the Certification Authority rejecting your submission.

Conformance Statement Questionnaires have common front matter, which asks for the following information about your organization, the product to be certified, and the environments in which conformance is validated and warranted:

The Conformance Statement Questionnaire also contains HTNG-specific questions intended to characterize how your product meets the conformance requirements, including how the product handles implementation-specific areas of the specification.

3.3 Registering your Organization within the Web Certification System

The HTNG Certification Authority provides a web-based certification system through which products can be submitted for certification. The entry point is at

In order to use the web-based certification system, you will need to obtain an account on the Certification Authority's web server, complete a Organization Registration Form to identify your organization and contact information, and accept the terms and conditions of the HTNG certification program. The Certification Authority must approve your organization registration before your organization account becomes activated. Access to the web certification system will only be granted to your organization's designated contacts, after your organization account has been activated.

If this is not your organization's first product registration, you should skip to the next section, Registering your Product.

To register a product, you must already be registered as the designated Authorized, Technical, or Alternate contact for a organization that has applied and been accepted into the program (see below). Please take the following steps to register your organization and its contacts:

  1. You will need a username and password on the The Open Group's web server for identification purposes.  If you don't yet have an account, you may obtain one from the HTNG certification web site by selecting "Enter secure site" to enter the secure web server then selecting "New cert user" to create your username and password. Once you have received a confirmation email indicating that you are a registered user, you may return to the web certification system and proceed with the next step.
  2. Select "Register organization for certification". You may need to "Enter secure site" again in order to see this option. You will need to indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the HTNG certification program to gain entry into the certification system.
  3. To register your organization, you need to provide information about your organization and specify the name and contact information for the following contacts:
  4. The web-based certification system will then send electronic mail to your designated Authorized Signatory who must respond by electronic mail to the Certification Authority to acknowledge and authorize your organization's registration. The Certification Authority will verify the response and, if the requirements are met, accept your organization for entry into the HTNG certification system.

When the above steps are complete and the Certification Authority has responded to your designated Authorized Signatory with notification that your organization's registration has been accepted, your Technical and Alternate contacts will receive confirmation by electronic mail from the web certification system that your organization account has been activated. At this point, your Authorized Signatory, Technical Contact, and Alternate Contact will be able to progress to the next stage which is accessing the web certification system to complete Product Registration.

3.4 Registering your Product within the Web Certification System

To register a product to be certified, you must first enter the secure web server and "Login" to the HTNG certification web site using your username and password. The next step is to click on the Registration Wizard to go to your organization's home page and select "Start a New Registration".

When you register your product, you are required to provide information on your product, select the product standard against which you wish to certify, and have the ability to send notes to the Certification Authority:

Once you have completed all fields, select the "View and Accept the Terms and Conditions" button. You will then be presented with the HTNG Certification Agreement, which you must accept in order to proceed with this product registration.

You are then presented with a payment screen.

3.4.1 Payment

Payment is required to complete the first stage of registering a product. Payment may be via credit card at the time of registration, or by purchase order, check, or wire transfer received by the Certification Authority in advance of the registration.

See for the fee schedule. Please note that if you use a payment method other than credit card, your registration cannot be processed until payment has been received by the Certification Authority, and will be placed on hold, although that does not prevent you from uploading your conformance statement.

3.5 Uploading your Conformance Statement

The next step is to upload your completed Conformance Statement file (see Section 3.2, The Conformance Statement) to the web certification system.

3.6 Completion of Certification

Once you have completed all the required steps above, the web certification system will detect that the submission is complete and automatically notify the Certification Authority.

If your submission is not on hold, is complete and correct and a HTNG Trademark License Agreement is in place, you will be notified of successful certification within 6 business days. If for any reason the submission was not complete, you will be notified so that any corrections can be made and resubmitted. Such a resubmission needs to be done within 60 calendar days unless an extension has been granted by the Certification Authority. The initial fee covers one set of corrective actions.

Once you have been notified of a successful certification, your product  will be put on the public Certification Register, unless you requested that it remains confidential. To keep the certification confidential, this option must be selected in the web certification system at the time the product is submitted. In this case, your product will not be added to the Certification Register until the earlier of your notification to the Certification Authority that you would like to end the confidential period, or the expiration of the confidential period, which occurs six months from notification of a successful certification.

When a product certification has been made public, you will be able to obtain a certificate from the certification register. You will also be able to obtain the HTNG Certification Logo to use in association with your Certified Product from your organization's home page in the web certification system.

You should note that certification is valid for a defined period as stated in Section 9.1, Duration of Certification of the HTNG Certification Policy. At the end of that period, if you wish your product to remain certified you will need to renew your product's certification as defined in  Section 4.1, The Renewals Process below.

4. Renewals and Certified Product Updates

4.1 The Renewals Process

When your product is certified, certification is valid for 12 months, after which it must be renewed or the product will no longer continue to be certified. Certification expires on the renewal date, which may be found on the certification register. If the product is not renewed by the Renewal Date, it will be removed from the register.

The Certification Authority will provide renewal reminders via email to all of your organization's designated certification contacts at three points in time (provided that your organization has not yet renewed the product certification or declined renewal): 2 months, 1 month, and 1 week prior to the Renewal Date. It is important that your organization keep information on the designated certification contacts up-to-date so you are ensured of receiving the renewal notices.

Your organization must complete the renewal process by the renewal date in order for the product to remain on the certification register. Completion of renewal includes:

A product that is in the process of being renewed on the Renewal Date will be removed from the certification register until the renewal process is complete, at which time the product will be restored to the register with the renewal date extended by 12 months. Once restored, the certification will appear continuous in that the First Certified date shown on the certification register will reflect the date the product was originally certified and there will be no record of the product having dropped off the register. If the renewal process for a product has not commenced in the certification system by the Renewal Date, the product is no longer certified against the specified product standard and will be removed from the register; a new certification will be required to restore the product to the register.

Renewal is performed using the certification system. From your organization's home page, select "Renew a Certified Product or see your Renewal Summary" under "Available Options". When your product is eligible for renewal (i.e., is within 60 calendar days of the Renewal Date), it will appear under "Products Eligible for Renewal". Select the "Renew" link and complete the questions on the renewal form to start the renewal process.

Renewal implies that your product continues to conform and that you will continue to support your product for the duration of the renewal period. You can elect to renew for the next certification period or, at your option, elect for a shorter period.

In order to qualify for HTNG Member pricing for renewal, your company must be an HTNG Member in good standing at the time of payment for renewal.

4.2 Certified Product Updates

If you make any changes to your certified product, you may be required to re-certify or update your certification information as required by Section 7, Certification Requirements for Modifications of a Certified Product  of the HTNG Certification Policy. You should read that section thoroughly since it describes multiple scenarios related to product changes, some of which require a certification-related activity. In some cases, a new certification is required since the update is equivalent to a new product as far as certification is concerned.

To update a certified product, go to your organization's home page in the certification system and select the "Modify a Certified Product" link under "Available Options". This will display the Certified Product Updates page that will allow you to select the type of update you would like to make and will guide you through the process.

Note that in order to qualify for HTNG Member pricing for an update to your Certified Product, your company must be an HTNG Member in good standing at the time of payment for such update.

4.2.1 Other Scenarios

In all other scenarios, a product is considered a new product for the purpose of certification and is subject to the full validation and certification process described above in Section 3, Product Registration.

5. Supporting Processes

5.1 Appeals Process

You may appeal decisions made by HTNG or the Certification Authority as stated in Section 11, Appeals Process of the HTNG Certification Policy. Any request for appeal should be sent by electronic mail to the Certification Authority. Receipt of such a request will be acknowledged within six business days by the Certification Authority and the appeals process invoked.

6. Certification Checklist

The following checklist is provided to assist with completion of your product registration:

Understanding the certification program and process  
Have you read the HTNG Certification Policy? YES / NO
Have you read the applicable HTNG Product Specification(s)? YES / NO
Informal Validation  
Have you identified the currently authorized validation procedures required for your product? YES / NO
Have you read the HTNG Certification frequently asked questions file? YES / NO
Have you completed your informal validation? YES / NO
Have you filed all the necessary Problem Reports? YES / NO
Legal Agreements  
Have you read the HTNG Trademark License Agreement? YES / NO
Have you read the HTNG Certification Agreement? YES / NO
Have you passed the above agreements to your legal representative? YES / NO
Has the HTNG Trademark License Agreement been completed and submitted to The Open Group? (hardcopy required) YES / NO
In the HTNG web system, have you entered the date you submitted the HTNG Trademark License Agreement to The Open Group for signature? This needs to be done once only per organization and has to be complete before the first product can complete certification. YES / NO
Using the Web Certification System  
Do you have an account (userid/password) to access The Open Group's web system? YES / NO
If this is your first HTNG Certification, have you registered your organization for certification, including providing information on your organization and your designated contacts? YES / NO
Has your Authorized Signatory received notice from the Certification Authority regarding your request to participate in the HTNG certification program? YES / NO
Has your Authorized Signatory responded, denoting acceptance of the terms and conditions of participation? YES / NO
If this is your first HTNG Certification, has your organization been accepted by the Certification Authority, and given notice to proceed? YES / NO
Product Registration  
If an alternative payment method other than credit card is required for this registration, have you contacted the Certification Authority for more information? YES / NO
Have you completed the Conformance Statement for your product? YES / NO
Have you entered the information required about the product you wish to have certified? YES / NO
Have you uploaded the Conformance Statement for your product? YES / NO

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