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Real-Time & Embedded Systems Forum
Extending TOGAF (Second Morning Joint Session)

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the second Thursday morning session was to have the Forums briefly provide some proposed solutions to extend TOGAF to their respective domains.  This was to be followed by a facilitated discussion on what participants heard from the RT&ES and Security Forums and the SOA Work Group presentations and then to identify any benefits, opportunities, or concerns they had with moving forward with some of the proposed approaches.


During the second morning session, each of the Forums presented their proposed solutions for consideration:


Facilitated discussions to address benefits, opportunities, and concerns solicited many valuable inputs from participants. In general, folks thought that bringing the Forums together to work out a way forward in terms of extending TOGAF for additional domains was a valuable undertaking.

The session illustrated that other Forums really value TOGAF and that by working together on the evolution and usability of TOGAF, The Open Group can facilitate an evolutionary path that is truly beneficial to all constituents.

The facilitation inputs/outputs can be found here (for members only).

Next Steps

The Architecture Forum was to meet separately during the afternoon to discuss what they heard and determine a way forward with a set of next steps.


See above.

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