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TOGAF® Tutorial: Advanced Concepts in Applying TOGAF 9

Objective of Meeting

Building on the preceding tutorial – An Overview of TOGAF 9 – this second tutorial was given by Serge Thorn, CIO, Architecting the Enterprise, and focused on advanced concepts in the application of TOGAF 9.

In particular, it focused on what it means to "go to the next level" with TOGAF 9.


Once you are using TOGAF to develop Enterprise Architecture in your organization, there are two areas that need to be focused on if Enterprise Architecture is to thrive and grow.

First is the embracing of Enterprise Architecture by the whole business, including suppliers and customers, to ensure effective and sustainable capabilities (competencies), both strategically and in operational programs. This includes the integration with other industries, internal portfolio management (and integration with the project management office), high quality deliverables, and capability programs that will ensure long-term viability.

Also governance is required at many different levels, requiring an EA governance framework with the support of senior management.

Second is the broadening and honing of management skills to ensure high quality decision-making, cultural change, competitive Enterprise Architectures, and a maturity level across the organization that can sustain Enterprise Architecture maturity levels of 4-5 (where an organization typically starts at level 0 and seeks to mature to level 5).

Key in this area is the ability to link EA to business strategy and goals, and information requirements. Making the Enterprise Architecture meaningful to the enterprise means ensuring that there is no unplanned investment or procurement outside of the EA.

To achieve all this the Enterprise Architects need to develop the roadmap for the journey towards excellence – and then implement it so that they can reap the rewards of advanced TOGAF thinking. After developing the roadmap, it is also important to communicate it, by a combination of techniques including EA web sites, brochures, and other broadcast mechanisms.

Maintaining the roadmap means involving all the EA stakeholders, as well as all the architecting communities, to ensure sharing of architecture information across the enterprise.


Participants received an excellent overview of some of the advanced concepts in applying the TOGAF framework and its Architecture Development Method (ADM).

Next Steps

The tutorial was very well received, and will be repeated at future Open Group Conferences. Additional tutorials, focusing on specific aspects of TOGAF 9, will also be included at future Conferences.


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