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TOGAF® Tutorial: An Overview of TOGAF 9

Objective of Meeting

This tutorial provided an executive overview of TOGAF 9, the latest release of TOGAF, describing its key features and the benefits of using it within an organization.

The tutorial, which was open to all participants at The Open Group Conference at Cannes, was given by David Jackson of Architecting the Enterprise, US.

This tutorial was followed by a companion tutorial, Advanced Concepts in Applying TOGAF 9.


The Open Group has been active within the architecture domain for the last 17 years, developing and making freely available The Open Group Architecture Framework – TOGAF. TOGAF is an open, industry standard framework and methodology for the design, evaluation, and implementation of Enterprise Architectures. It can be used at all levels of the enterprise from strategic to operational. 

TOGAF is modular, allowing it to be used in part or complete in conjunction with other Enterprise Architecture methodologies (e.g., DODAF, FEA, Zachman) and with all types of business operating models.

The tutorial also gave an overview of the TOGAF 9 Certification program, which comprises two levels: Level 1 TOGAF 9 Foundation, and Level 2 TOGAF 9 Certified. Level 2 is a superset of the requirements for Level 1. Architects who are already certified as TOGAF 8 can become certified as TOGAF 9 through a bridging option.

TOGAF has been and continues to be evolved within The Open Group Architecture Forum. Its development has been guided by and based on the knowledge and experience of Open Group members who are practicing Architects working for a wide range of enterprises throughout the world.


Participants received an excellent overview of the TOGAF framework and its Architecture Development Method (ADM), and the importance of The Open Group Architecture Forum in providing the development forum for TOGAF.

Next Steps

The tutorial was very well received, and will be repeated at future Open Group Conferences. Additional tutorials, focusing on specific aspects of TOGAF 9, will also be included at future Conferences.


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