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The UDEF Project (Open Meeting)

Objective of Meeting

The purpose of the meeting was to progress the work of the UDEF project.


UDEF Executive Overview

Ron Schuldt, UDEF Project Chair, gave an overview of the UDEF.

ISA Project Overview and Potential Collaboration Between UDEF and ISA

Joao Frade and Stijn Goerdertier of the ISA project added to the conference presentation that had been given by Joao the previous day and explained the current ISA work on core vocabularies. It was agreed to publish mappings of the core person definitions to the UDEF, and to include a link to the UDEF in the ISA ADMS framework.

QLM Project Overview and Example UDEF Mappings

David Potter, QLM Project Chair, described the QLM project and use of the UDEF by QLM.

UDEF Infrastructure Requirements

Chris Harding, The Open Group Forum Director for Semantic Interoperability, described a proposal for new infrastructure to support development of the UDEF and its use within enterprises.

UDEF Governance

Ron described a proposal, that he subsequently made to The Open Group Board, for new arrangements for approving extensions to the UDEF.


The minutes of the meeting, available to members of the UDEF Interested Parties group, record the decisions reached during the meeting.

Next Steps

The mapping of ISA core person definitions to the UDEF will be updated and published.

A description of the UDEF, with links to it on The Open Group web site, will be included in the ADMS semantic repository.

A description of the proposed new support infrastructure will be developed, and potential funding models will be investigated.

The proposal for new arrangements for approving extensions to the UDEF will be revised for further discussion with The Open Group Board for discussion at its next meeting in July.


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