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The Open Group Trusted Technology (OTTF) Forum

Objective of Meeting

The Member Meeting sessions were held in the afternoon only. The objectives of the afternoon sessions were:

  • To discuss the standards harmonization logistics around The Open Group liaison positions with ISO SC27 WGs 3 and 4 and to discuss any preparation that was necessary for the upcoming ISO meeting in May, and also to discuss logistics around collecting Snapshot feedback
  • To look at the market adoption objectives and propose a strategy for increasing awareness and membership for both government and diversity in member representation


2:00-3:30: Discussion on and Preparation of Materials for ISO Meeting, and Planning and Logistics for Collecting Snapshot Feedback

Karen Richter led the discussion on the guidance and next steps for the liaison representatives as they prepare for the upcoming ISO meeting in May. Additionally, Karen put together the Delegate Instructions that include the guidance we discussed.

Karen also led the discussion on how best to solicit feedback on the O-TTPS Snapshot and she created a DRAFT template for use when distributing the Snapshot and when soliciting feedback.

4:00-5:30: Draft Strategy and Plan for Market Adoption and Marketing to Potential New Member Constituents

A meeting took place The Open Group Sales Directors and the following items were discussed.

Increase awareness/market adoption for global governments and other customers and for target membership – to round out Forum constituents. We need global government representatives and more diversity in vendors (manufacturers, component suppliers, etc.).

The need to update the current collateral was noted (FAQ, two-page data sheet, slide set).

Additionally, the need to create new collateral and update the web site with new collateral was discussed (two new one-page documents, tailored to global community and to vendor community).


Brainstorming session and action items.

Next Steps

Standards Harmonization:

  • Action: Karen/Sally will distribute the Delegate Instructions to the ISO Liaisons prior to the ISO meeting.
  • Action: Karen/Sally to finalize Draft Template and Distribute to Steering Committee and to ISO delegates.


  • Action: Strategy for government outreach for membership and to co-ordinate with outreach in GOSH work stream.
  • Action: Strategy for vendor outreach for membership
  • Action: Update old collateral – and create two additional pieces.


See above.

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