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QLM Work Group

Objective of Meeting

The meeting was intended to progress the normal work of the QLM Work Group.


David Potter gave updates on the status of QLM and UDEF within three EU-funded projects.

David Potter gave updates on the progress of the QLM Messaging Interface and QLM System Object Model. Significant revisions to the original PROMISE Messaging Interface have been made to correct errors and align it with QLM terminology. Additional resources to work on the System Object Model are expected to be available in May.

The Work Group continues to plan and conduct outreach to other Open Group activities including the Trusted Technology Forum, the Security Forum, and the Jericho Forum.


A new version of the QLM Roadmap is in preparation.

Next Steps

Review of the QLM White Paper commences on Monday May 7.

The Work Group is hoping to present during the Trusted Techology track at the Washington Conference.


The QLM Work Group

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