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Architecture Forum

Objective of Meeting

The aim of the meetings was progression of the work of the Architecture Forum.


The Architecture Forum Cannes, France meeting comprised a full day face-to-face meeting on Thursday April 26, 2012. During the week commencing April 23 in Cannes, France, a number of Working Groups and Standing Committees also met. (Minutes from those meetings are available in the Architecture Forum members' site under the Meeting Minutes category.)

The April 26 meeting was held in conjunction with the Cannes, France Open Group Conference and Member Meetings. At the start of the meeting there were 14 voting members present. As this was insufficient for a quorum, a two-week consensus check on the decisions made will occur after the meeting.

The Forum Chair gave an update on the status of how the Forum Strategy is being actioned. This continues to show a high level of member activity in the development of an improved version of the TOGAF® standard. A first draft of the Part 1 text for the revision is currently available for review to Architecture Forum members. It was agreed that changes arising from defect reports against TOGAF 9.1 will be rolled into the next major revision. As a consequence, the TOGAF Maintenance Working Group is requested to report in Washington on the status of TOGAF 9.1 defect reports.

The status of ongoing Forum activities was reviewed using the WG/SC Scorecard. It was agreed to remove Project Hermes as an active project – it will proceed as a work item led by Open Group staff.

The meeting included a joint session with the Security Forum, which reviewed the status of their input for the next revision of the TOGAF standard.

The Forum Chair and Director left the meeting for one hour to brief the Governing Board on Architecture Forum Activities and Plans.

Proposals were presented for the Architecture Forum to initiate new work:

  • A proposal from the PEAF organization on a mapping of PEAF to the ADM was discussed but at this time members present agreed they would not participate, and recommended PEAF to join the Forum to move such work forward.
  • A Certifications staff proposal related to an idea for an EA improvements framework was made by James DeRaeve. It was discussed and agreed to and actions were assigned to develop a charter for member action.

The meeting also included a number of informational updates on the Standing Committees and Working Groups that had met during the conference and not reported in other slots:

  • Serge Thorn reported on the status of the Localization Standing Committee. Six translation glossaries were in progress in the past quarter. The next steps will be to revise a number of Pocket Guides for TOGAF 9.1, and also to translate exams into a number of languages.
  • Peter Haviland reported on the Value Realization Working Group which continues to develop White Papers on the World Class EA theme.
  • Peter Haviland also reported on the TOGAF/Archimate Architecture Content Framework activity. This is nearing completion of its White Paper.
  • Peter Haviland also reported on the Business Forum as information to the members.
  • Bob Weisman reported on the Information Architecture Working Group.
  • Reports for TOGAF related to SMEs, Interoperability, and Cloud are also available.


This summary, the Action Items, Consent Items, Issues List, and the detailed minutes available to members are the outputs of the meeting (available to members only here). Other materials from the Cannes, France meetings are in the Cannes, France 2012 Materials area of the Architecture Forum members' site (available to members only here).

Next Steps

The Forum is scheduled to next meet in Washington DC, USA during the week commencing July 16, 2012. Logistics for the meetings will be available in the Architecture Forum calendar.


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