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Cloud Computing Work Group

Objective of Meeting

The meeting was in two parts. The first part was an open session whose aim was to enable interested delegates to find out about the Work Group: its composition, way of working, and current projects. The second part was a members-only session on Architecting for Cloud Interoperability; its aim was to review and add to the work of the projects of the Cloud Computing Work Group that are specifically concerned with interoperability and architecture.


In the open session, the Work Group co-chairs, Mark Skilton and TJ Virdi, used the Cloud Computing Work Group Wiki and Plato web pages to explain what the Work Group is doing, and how it operates.

The session on Architecting for Cloud Interoperability reviewed the work of the Cloud Computing Architecture, Cloud Interoperability and Portability, and Use of TOGAF® for Cloud Ecosystems projects. It identified potential synergies between these projects, and made recommendations for their future co-operative development.


The minutes of the meeting, available to Work Group members, record the decisions that were reached.

Next Steps

The projects will proceed as discussed at the meeting.


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