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SOA Work Group

Objective of Meeting

The meeting included:

  • Sessions on Friday July 17 through Sunday 19 July 19, whose aims were to progress work on the SOA/TOGAF Practical Guide and the SOA Reference Architecture. The Practical Guide project is developing an Open Group Guide which will explain how to use TOGAF for SOA. The Reference Architecture project is producing an Open Group Technical Standard SOA reference architecture.
  • Sessions on Monday July 20, whose aims were to discuss themes for the press release for the SOA Governance Framework, and to consider the possibility of developing tutorial material based on the standards and guides produced by the SOA Work Group.
  • A session held jointly with the Security Forum on Monday July 20, whose aim was to progress the work of the SOA and Security project. This project is developing a Best Practice Guide to implementing effective security in SOA environments.
  • A session on Thursday July 23, whose aim was to review and discuss the work of the SOA Work Group, the results of the conference in relation to SOA, and the strategy of the SOA Work Group going forward.


There was substantial progress on the Practical Guide and Reference Architecture projects. As a result, the Practical Guide project team expects to have completed its work by the October 2009 conference, and the Reference Architecture project team expects to complete its work by the January 2010 conference.

The meeting also agreed a strategy for completion of the Company Review of the SOA Ontology, in which substantial changes have been proposed.

The meeting came at the point when work on the SOA Governance Framework had been completed. It agreed on themes to be included in a press release for this standard.

(Work on The Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM) project had been completed also. This is a project of The Open Group Board, which the Work Group has been supporting, but not contributing to directly.)

The meeting discussed development of a body of tutorial material based on the SOA Work Group deliverables. The major element of this should be use of TOGAF for SOA, but sections on the Reference Architecture and SOA Governance should be included also. The Hong Kong conference (in October 2009) would be a good opportunity for delivery of the initial version.

The joint meeting with the Security Forum discussed the comments made in informal review of a draft chapter on Security for the SOA Source Book. It agreed on a strategy for development of this chapter for inclusion in the next edition of the Source Book, planned for April 2010. It also agreed that the material for this chapter should be included in the Best Practice Guide to implementing effective security in SOA environments that is the main deliverable of the SOA and Security project.

The final session of the SOA Work Group meeting reviewed the work of the group overall. It noted that:

  • The SOA Governance Framework had now been completed.
  • The SOA Ontology was in Company Review, but substantive issues had been raised that could require re-work of the document followed by a re-circulation review.
  • The SOA/TOGAF Practical Guide project was now proceeding with good speed, with a prospect of completion by October 2009.
  • The SOA Reference Architecture was making progress, and could be expected to complete by January 2010.
  • The SOA and Security project should deliver a chapter for the SOA Source Book by the end of 2009, and completion of its SOA and Security Guide could be expected in the first half of 2010.
  • The Service-Oriented Infrastructure project is making progress, and should complete in the first half of 2010.
  • The Legacy to SOA Migration project has not made, and is not making, progress.

It was agreed that Steering Committee should consider closing the Legacy to SOA Migration project.

The SOA Work Group had been engaged in collaboration with members of OASIS and the OMG that had resulted in publication of a joint paper: Navigating the SOA Open Standards Landscape Around Architecture. This explains and positions standards for SOA reference models, ontologies, reference architectures, maturity models, modeling languages, and governance. It was agreed that this fruitful collaboration should continue.

The Work Group will also continue its ongoing collaboration with the Architecture Forum, particularly as regards the SOA content of TOGAF 9.

Finally, the Work Group will collaborate with The Open Group's newly-formed Cloud Work Group, to address the application of the service principle in cloud computing.


This report and the detailed minutes available to members form the primary outputs of the meeting.

Next Steps

The Work Group will progress its work program and collaborate with other bodies within and outside The Open Group, as described above.


See above.

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