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The Open Group Trusted Technology Provider Forum (OTTF)™: Tuesday

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the member meeting sessions on Tuesday were similar to those on Monday and Wednesday: revise and build consensus for recommendations to all of the Change Requests (CRs) that were thus far submitted to the Company Review for the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS) Accreditation Program documents (Policy, Conformance Statement, and Accreditation Requirements).


The day was spent reviewing the Accreditation Policy and reaching consensus on recommendations for each of the 133 comments submitted thus far.

Plenary Recognition for Outstanding Contributions

During the Plenary on Tuesday Morning, Allen Brown, President & CEO of The Open Group, Adras Szakal, IBM, Chair of the OTTF, and Edna Conway, Vice Chair of the OTTF presented well-deserved recognition plaques to the following individuals for their Outstanding Contributions to The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum:

  • Fiona Pattinson, atsec Security Information
  • Joshua Brickman, Oracle, formerly of CA Technologies
  • Dan Reddy, EMC, Co-Chair of the OTTF Outreach and Harmonization Workstream
  • Mike Lai, Microsoft

All of the OTTF members contribute to the success of the OTTF, and thanks goes out to each member, but these four individuals have consistently, been there – day-in and day-out, applying an amazing amount of leadership, thought, expertise, time, and energy into the work of the OTTF. They are passionate about what they do – and The Open Group and the OTTF is extremely grateful for their contribution.

OTTF Update

The O-TTPS is an open standard containing organizational guidelines, requirements, and recommendations for integrators, providers, and component suppliers to enhance the security of the global supply chain and the integrity of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products. This standard if properly adhered to will help assure against tainted and counterfeit products throughout the COTS ICT product life cycle encompassing the following phases: design, sourcing, build, fulfillment, distribution, sustainment, and disposal.

The OTTF Outreach and Harmonization efforts are continually working with governments and other standards organizations to harmonize our work where appropriate – engage global constituents so that “Providers can Build with Integrity and Customers can Buy with Confidence”.

If you are interested in participating in the OTTF, please contact Mike Hickey ( or Chris Parnell (


The CR recommendations were documented, and will be added to as additional CRs are submitted before the Review closes.

Next Steps

Once the Review closes, the recommendations for all of the CRs will be presented as a ballot to the OTTF Steering Committee to vote on the recommendations. The O-TTPS Accreditation Program is expected to be approved, implemented, and ready for public launch by the end of this year. The Accreditation Program is currently in the Pilot Phase and open only to members, but any organization can download the standard now and begin preparing for conformance, assessment, and accreditation by the public launch in Q4, 2013. The O-TTPS Accreditation Program will be available to all component suppliers, providers, and integrators around the globe.


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