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UDEF Project Members' Meeting

Objective of Meeting

Known familiarly as "the Dewey Decimal Classification System for Data", the Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) provides a conceptual naming convention framework with associated structured unique identifiers for indexing and aligning semantically equivalent concepts. It is a key tool for semantic interoperability and information management.

The UDEF is currently being revised in order to produce a standard that better suits the needs of business-to-business communication. The purpose of this face-to-face meeting of the UDEF project team of the Platform 3.0 Forum was to progress development of the new version.


The meeting discussed some example data element concepts. On the basis of these examples, it reached conclusions that will be embodied in the new UDEF standard.

The meeting also discussed the used of the UDEF to provide semantic identifiers for the Cloud Interaction Ecosystems Language (CIEL).


The conclusions of the meeting are recorded in the minutes that are available to UDEF project members.

Next Steps

Work on the new UDEF standard will proceed as agreed.

The use of UDEF in CIEL will be discussed in more detail.


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