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TOGAF® Tutorial: Advanced Concepts in Applying TOGAF® 9

Objective of Meeting

Building on the preceding Introduction to TOGAF 9, this second tutorial given by Suresh Done focused on advanced concepts in the application of TOGAF 9. 


Suresh expanded on three aspects that Enterprise Architecture is often called on to deal with:

  • Innovation
  • Complexity
  • Agility

Innovation is an agent of change. Having the right innovation strategy which is aligned to the business strategy brings the required change in an agile manner. There are two broad strategies for innovation: playing to win; and playing not to lose. Suresh expanded on the significance of these two approaches in the context of Enterprise Architecture.

Complexity involves three rules:

  • Eliminate complexity that customers will not pay for
  • Exploit the complexity that customers will pay for
  • Minimize the costs of the complexity you offer

Suresh explained a complexity analysis process along these lines.

Finally, he expanded on the nature of Agility in the context of Enterprise Architecture.


Participants received an excellent overview of some of the advanced concepts in applying the TOGAF standard and its Architecture Development Method (ADM). 

Next Steps

The tutorial was very well received, and will be repeated at future Open Group conferences. Additional tutorials, focusing on specific aspects of TOGAF 9, will also be included at future conferences.


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