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Real-Time & Embedded Systems Forum

Objective of Meeting

The primary objectives of Monday’s session were to further the strategy around the standardization of the Dependability Engineering for Open Systems (DEOS) technology, and to explore the feasibility and fine tune the strategy for the integration of real-time architecture elements into TOGAF® Next.


Various members and Open Group staff met over the course of Monday to validate and refine their approach and develop achievable milestone estimates concerning TOGAF® Next and DEOS. They also were updated on what is currently planned by the Architecture Forum for TOGAF® Next and how best to make progress if they wish to integrate RTES in TOGAF® Next.


Outputs will be reflected in the strategic elements and milestones of the RTES Forum Roadmap and were discussed during the RTES presentations on Tuesday.

Next Steps

Joe Bergmann will work with Jack Fujieda and Ed Roberts and the other Forum members to develop next steps for both objectives over the coming quarter.


See here for a general overview of the RTES Forum.

For presentations on DEOS and TOGAF® Next, see the Tuesday proceedings for the RTES Forum.

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