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Real-Time & Embedded Systems Forum

Objective of Meeting

The objective of Tuesday’s session was to increase awareness of the Dependability Engineering of Open Systems (DEOS) technology and to discuss the current status of the various components.


This RTES Forum session focused on Dependability Engineering of Open Systems (DEOS), which consists of processes and technologies to help in such development. DEOS differs from most methodologies in this space in that it assumes that one cannot determine everything about the system being developed (thus the Open Systems moniker) so one must architect a system to gracefully handle failures when they happen.

The session consisted of the following four presentations:


Outputs are reflected in Presentations and Next Steps – please refer to the sessions above and below.

Next Steps

The RTES Forum will continue to work on the standardization of the DEOS technology components.

Ed Roberts will be furthering Architecting to the Platform efforts within both the RTES Forum and the Architecture Forum as appropriate.


See above.

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