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Real-Time & Embedded Systems Forum

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the Wednesday sessions was to increase awareness of Mils™ work that is being conducted through various efforts: The Open Group in terms of standardization and compositional certification, the new European Commission funded project being led by The Open Group, and a joint project among EADS Innovation Works, Fraunhofer IESE, and Sysgo AG.


The first presentation, by Rance DeLong of The Open Group, described the new European Commission funded project – Distributed Mils™ for Dependable Information and Communication Infrastructures – which is being led by The Open Group, with Scott Hansen as managing director and Rance DeLong as technical director. The project will advance Mils research and provide for industrial evaluation of the research results of the project, which takes a "top-to-bottom" and "end-to-end" approach to the specification and implementation of distributed Mils systems.

The second presentation, also by Rance DeLong – Mils™ API Working Group Status – described the current status of the Mils™ API Working Group efforts. In addition to the presentation, Rance previewed the Issues document, developed by Paul Chen and Rance DeLong, a result of their ongoing work on the API standard document that is to be sent to the entire Working Group for general discussion.

The third presentation, by Michael Paulitsch of EADS – Mils™-based Information Flow Control in the Avionic Domain – was a summary of a presentation given at DASC the previous week, describing a joint project by EADS Innovation Works, Fraunhofer IESE, and Sysgo AG. The presentation discussed "Security for Safety", the interaction between security and safety in modern systems, and the role of Mils and compositional certification in building such systems. The presentation discussed their attempt to apply the Common Criteria's composition class to Mils system certification.


Outputs are reflected in Presentations and Next Steps – please refer to the sessions above and below.

Next Steps

The RTES Forum will continue to work on the standardization of the Mils™ APIs.

The Open Group will take a leading role in the Distributed Mils Project funded by the European Commission.


See above.

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