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The Open Group Conference, Barcelona, Spain
October 22-25, 2012

Objective of Meeting

The Open Group Conference Barcelona, Spain 2012 took place at the Hilton Barcelona.

The conference gathered to focus on Big Data – The Next Frontier in the Enterprise.


Each day of the conference included a mix of plenary presentations, with industry leaders from near and far sharing their insights on the conference theme; and a set of parallel tracks examining specific areas in depth. The various tracks delivered presentations by Enterprise Architecture professionals from both vendor and customer organizations; and provided experience-based insight into the approaches and methods that have proved most effective for developing architectures around the world.

The presentations can be accessed from the links below under separate daily headings:

The presentations referenced below are freely available only to members of The Open Group and conference attendees.

Monday October 22

PLENARY: Big Data – The Next Frontier in the Enterprise
Big Data
"Holistic" Enterprise Architecture
Developing TOGAF® Artifacts
ArchiMate® and TOGAF®
ArchiMate® Case Studies

Tuesday October 23

Distributed Services Architecture
TOGAF® 9 Case Studies
Information Architecture
Security Architecture
Quantum Lifecycle Management (QLM)
Practice-driven Research on Enterprise Transformation (PRET) and Trends in EA Research (TEAR)
PRET/TEAR: EA Management Effectivity
  • Development of Measurement Items for the Institutionalization of EA Management in Organizations
    Simon Weiss and Robert Winter (presented by Stephan Aiers)
  • The Enterprise Architecture Realization Scorecard: A Result-oriented Assessment Instrument
    Leo Pruijt, Raymond Slot, Henk Plessius, Rik Bos, and Sjaak Brinkkemper
  • Towards a Unified and Configurable Structure for EA Management Key Performance Indicators
    Florian Matthes, Ivan Monahov, Alexander W. Schneider, and Christopher Schulz
  • On the Categorization & Measurability of Enterprise Architecture Benefits with the EA Value Framework
    Henk Plessius, Raymond Slot, and Leo Pruijit
PRET/TEAR: Languages for Enterprise Architecture
  • Framework for Creating Pattern Languages for Enterprise Architecture
    Paula Kotze and Alta van der Merwe
  • Challenges for Automated Enterprise Architecture Documentation
    Matheus Hauder, Florian Matthes, and Sascha Roth
  • Building Strategic Enterprise Context Models with a Pattern-Based Approach
    Juan Pablo Carvallo and Xavier Franch
PRET/TEAR: Enterprise Architecture Management and the Ability to Change
  • Two Speeds of EAM – A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective
    Ralf Abraham, Stephan Aier, and Robert Winter
  • On Enterprise Architecture Change Events
    Matthias Farwick, Christian Schweda, Ruth Breu, Karsten Voges, and Inge Hanschke
  • Enterprise Architecture for the Adaptive Enterprise – A Vision Paper
    Eric Yu, Stephanie Deng, and Divya Sasmal

Wednesday October 24

Cloud in Public and Private Enterprises
Cloud Architecture
Cloud Interoperability Workshop
EA and Business Value
Architecture Methods and Techniques
Practice-driven Research on Enterprise Transformation (PRET) and Trends in EA Research (TEAR)
PRET/TEAR: Advanced Topics in Enterprise Architecture
  • Assessing Modifiability in Application Services Using EA Models – A Case Study
    Magnus Osterlind, Robert Lagerstrom, and Peter Rosell
  • New Avenues for Theoretical Contributions in EA Principles – A Literature Review
    Mohammad Kazem Haki and Christine Legner
  • A Metamodel for Web Application Injection Attacks and Countermeasures
    Hannes Holm and Mathias Ekstedt
PRET/TEAR: Governing Enterprise Transformation
  • The Extended Enterprise Coherence Assessment
    Roel Wagter, Henderik Proper, and Dirk Witte
  • Designing EA Management Functions – The Interplay of Organizational Contexts and Methods
    Sabine Buckl, Florian Matthes, and Christian Schweds
  • Management of Largescale Transformation Programs: State of the Art and Future Potential
    Gerrit Lahrmann, Nils Labusch, Robert Winter, and Axel Uhl
PRET/TEAR: EA Applications
  • Method Support of Largescale Transformation in the Insurance Sector: Exploring Foundations
    Nils Labusch and Robert Winter
  • The Application of Enterprise Reference Architecture in the Financial Industry
    Wijke ten Harmsen van der Beek, Jos Trienekens, and Paul Grefen


The presentations, tutorials, and workshops at the conference, and the associated discussions and panel sessions, all provided participants with a wealth of experience-based insight into current best practice in architecture, security, and cloud computing, from leading experts and practitioners around the world.

Next Steps

The next Open Group Conference will be held in Newport Beach, CA, USA, January 28-31, 2013.

If you are interested in presenting at future Open Group Conferences, then please submit a Presentation Proposal.


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