The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

EA and Business Transformation

Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation

Business transformation is a holistic approach that seeks to align an organization's technology, process and people initiatives, so that they are in harmony with the business vision and strategic goals.

Effective business transformation and the implementation of the change management process requires an enterprise-wide view which combines strategy, business architecture, information systems and technology domains. Enterprise Architecture supports the business transformation process by providing a blueprint for both the current state of the business and IT landscape, and its desired future state.

Today's enterprise-wide systems within global organizations often have highly diverse systems with complex interdependencies. Any change management process requires an advanced, dynamic and resilient EA structure to handle the challenges and risks associated with technology-based business transformation.

The Open Group Conference will seek to bring together business transformation and EA specialists to discuss the existing challenges and solutions for implementing technology-based business transformation, and the role played by the Enterprise Architect. The conference will also address the wider role of business architecture, and focus on a range of technical and business issues critical to the Enterprise Architect, including:

  • EA as a Business Discipline
  • TOGAF™ 9
  • Professionalizing the Discipline of EA
  • SOA
  • EA Frameworks & Tools
  • Green EA
  • Architecture Standards and Certification
  • EA & Business Strategy
  • ArchiMate®

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