The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Protect Your SOA Investment Leveraging the Latest Open SOA Governance Standards

Heather Kreger
Lead Architect for SOA Standards, IBM. USA

Vince Brunssen
Vince Brunssen, IBM, Co-chair of SOA Repository Artifact Model and Protocol (S-RAMP) at OASIS

Solution governance is the key to meeting your SOA business objectives. Proper governance can be a significant investment. But by protecting your services investment you can reduce your risk and increase your ROI across your SOA solutions.

Join us to see live demonstrations on how three new standards from The Open Group and OASIS are being used together to cost effectively model and govern your SOA solutions across vendors.

  1. The Open Group SOA Governance Framework Standard provides a methodology for governing services and SOA solutions which will be reviewed to provide context, best practices, tasks, and technologies for governing SOA solutions. Part of this standardized methodology includes the identification of service models and repositories to hold them as well as other artifacts and metadata necessary to manage and govern your SOA solution.
  2. The Open Group has recently standardized a SOA Ontology that provides a basic framework for service models which provides for shared semantics amongst vendors.
  3. SOA Repository Artifact Model and Protocol (S-RAMP), an emerging standard from OASIS, is enabling interoperability between tools and repositories for SOA. S-RAMP uses the SOA Ontology with extensions to enable a common service model as well as an interoperability protocol.

This session will illustrate how three standards work in concert to enable governance across vendors. Using a demo - which includes defining new service models with the S-RAMP extensions with WSRR and communicating with another repository to augment the service model - the specification authors will show you how to combine these standards into a solution that will allow you to protect your investment in your service models and repositories for your SOA solutions and enable governance across multiple vendors tools and repositories.

You will learn what makes each of these standards critical to your SOA strategy

Heather KregerHeather Kreger

Heather Kreger is IBM's lead architect for Smarter Planet, Policy, and SOA Standards in the IBM Software Group, with 15 years of standards experience. She has led the development of standards for Web Services, Management and Java in numerous standards organizations, including W3C, OASIS, DMTF, and The Open Group.

Heather is currently co-chair for The Open Group's SOA Work Group and liaison for The Open Group to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 SOA SG and INCITS DAPS38 (US TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC38).

Heather is also the author of numerous articles and specifications, as well as the book “Java and JMX, Building Manageable Systems” and most recently was co-editor of “Navigating the SOA Open Standards Landscape Around Architecture.”

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