The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Cybersecurity: Frameworks for Building Trust

Cybersecurity has become a “front-and-center” issue for IT organizations in every industry around the globe. Security of our cyber-connected infrastructure is critical to many aspects of our daily lives — water, electricity, gas, oil, transportation, telecommunications, food, health, government, security services, financial banking services, and more. All of these essential systems rely on reducing the risks, vulnerabilities and threats to our IT systems and the Internet to achieve adequate Cybersecurity.

This conference will broadly explore trust and frameworks, and their impact upon Cybersecurity.

Topics in the security tracks will include:

  • Building Trusted Solutions: Frameworks to Build Trust
  • Cybersecurity: Government and Legal Considerations
  • Cybersecurity: The Connection to Architecture and Information Security Management
  • Identity Management Frameworks
  • Compliance, Risk Management, and Audit
  • Approaches to Assurance with Sufficient Evidence
  • Cloud Security and Security Architecture

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