San Diego 2015: Proceedings - Architecture

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Architecture Forum

Objective of Meeting

The aim of the meeting was to follow up on the progress of the work of the Architecture Forum and define a roadmap for the TOGAF® standard evolution process. Also to present the TOGAF standard survey results.


The new elected officers were presented. Mike Lambert hosted the session as the new Architecture Forum Chair.

The Chair presented his vision and working plan for the Forum.

The agenda was reviewed and agreed and also the open actions and consent items from the previous meeting (London 2014).

The status of ongoing Forum activities was reviewed using the project scorecard.

The results from the TOGAF standard survey that was sent to the AEA members was presented and the results were discussed.

The roadmap and approach that would lead the evolution of the standard were presented and discussed.

The status and roadmap for different projects were presented and actions that would support their development were defined and assigned.

Chris Forde presented a proposal made by John Zachman earlier in the week to evolve the TOGAF framework to be an engineering methodology as well as a manufacturing methodology.

Len Fehskens presented "Contributing to the Professionalization of EA". He presented how Enterprise Architecture faces challenges in evolving toward a profession due to lack of interest. The Architecture Forum will take specific actions to support this issue.

The liaison and open contribution from the Security Forum was presented and discussed.

The work of the various committees was presented: Localization Standing Committee, Ecosystem Standing Committee, and Certification Standing Committee.

Specific actions that have to be planned for the next event in Madrid to support the different projects were also defined.

The details can be found in the meeting minutes available here (for members only).


The summary of open actions and consent items can be found in the meeting minutes here (available to members only). Other materials from the meetings can also be found here (available to members only).

Next Steps

A two-week consensus check on the decisions made will occur after the meeting. The Forum is scheduled to next meet in Madrid during the week commencing April 20, 2015. Logistics for the meeting will be available in the Architecture Forum calendar.