The Open Group Conference - Seattle 2010

TRACK: Business Driven SOA
Monday, 2:00 - 5:30

2:00 - 2:45
Next Generation SOA & Service Orientation
Developments over the past 10 months, such as the release of the official SOA Manifesto and Gartner's announcement that SOA is "climbing the Slope of Enlightenment", coincide with a series of further industry developments that reaffirm a concrete level of maturity reached by SOA and service-oriented computing in general. In this keynote, the world's top-selling SOA author Thomas Erl explains how Next Generation SOA represents perhaps the most significant milestone in the evolution of service-oriented computing to-date. We are at a stage whereby a potent combination of mature and modern services-based technologies can now be intelligently leveraged by SOA practitioners through the use of proven practices, patterns, and principles together with clear definitions of the service orientation paradigm, the service-oriented architectural model, and the strategic target state represented by its successful adoption.

Presenter: Thomas Erl, SOA Systems Inc
Thomas ErlThomas Erl is the world's top-selling SOA author, series editor of the Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl (, and editor of the SOA Magazine ( With over 100,000 copies in print world-wide, his books have become international bestsellers and have been formally endorsed by senior members of major software organizations, such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Intel, SAP, CISCO, and HP.

Two of his five books, SOA Design Patterns and SOA Principles of Service Design, were authored in collaboration with the IT community and have contributed to the definition of the service-oriented architectural model and service orientation as a distinct paradigm. Thomas is currently working with over 20 authors on eight new books dedicated to service-oriented computing and modern service technology platforms, such as cloud computing.

In cooperation with™, Thomas has helped develop the curriculum for the internationally recognized SOA Certified Professional accreditation program (, which has established a series of formal, vendor-neutral SOA certifications. Thomas is also the founder of SOA Systems Inc. (, a company specializing in vendor-neutral SOA consulting and training services. Thomas is the founding member of the SOA Manifesto Working Group (, chair of the SOA Education Committee, and oversees the initiative, a community site dedicated to the on-going development of a master pattern catalog for SOA. Thomas has toured over 20 countries as a speaker and instructor for public and private events, and regularly participates in SOA Symposium ( and Gartner conferences. Over 100 articles and interviews by Thomas have been published in numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal and CIO Magazine. For more information, visit

2:45 - 3:30
Delivering SOA Business Value
Companies rigorously examine business cases for projects, including SOA projects but often find that they don't end up getting the value expected.  This session will examine why that is and what can be done to change that.  Lessons learned from a number of real projects and what those lessons suggest we do will be presented.

Presenter: Tony Carrato, WW Chief Operations Architect, EIS SOA Advanced Technology, IBM, USA
Tony Carrato is an Executive IT Architect in IBM's SOA Advanced Technology team, with worldwide responsibility for leading edge SOA projects.  He has a long history of involvement in The Open Group and Co-Chair of Open Group's SOA Work Group.

3:30 - 4:00

4:00 - 4:45
The Business Impact of SOA
This is the first of a series of five tutorials on SOA prepared by The Open Group's SOA Work Group. It explains:

  • What SOA is and is not,
  • The basic principles of SOA,
  • The benefits of SOA to the business,
  • The benefits of SOA to the IT of the business,
  • The current status of SOA,
  • SOA maturity, and
  • How SOA is related to other architectural approaches, such as cloud and grid computing

This tutorial is designed for Business Executives, Business Managers, Business Strategists, Business Consultants, Business Analysts, Business Process Engineers, System Analysts, Enterprise Architects, IT Directors, IT Strategists, IT Operations Managers, IT Architects, IT Project Managers, System Designers, Software Architects, Software Engineers, and System Administrators. It assumes no prior knowledge of SOA.

The SOA conference stream will include four other tutorials in the series, which build on this first tutorial: Assessing Your Service Integration Maturity, SOA Governance, SOA Architecture, and Using TOGAF for SOA.

Presenter: Chris Greenslade, Director and Principal Consultant, CLARS Limited
Chris GreensladeChris is currently Chair of the Supplier Council atThe Open Group and is a member of The Open Group’s Specification Authority that specifies the policies, processes and conformance criteria of the ITAC program.

He was also a member of the first ever ITAC Certification Review Board and many subsequent ones.

4:45 - 5:30
An Ontology for SOA
: Modeling services for Business
Come understand how the standardization of the Ontology for SOA is supporting modeling of services. This presentation will provide a snapshot of the Ontology specification and scenarios for how this Ontology can be used as a service model for SOA solutions.

Presenter: Heather Kreger, IBM


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