The Open Group Conference - Seattle 2010

TRACK: Presenting EA to C-level and the Board

2:00 - 2:45
From the Board Room to the Rock Face

Current EA frameworks (e.g. TOGAF) fall short in explaining how to run the EA Practice like a business, with a clearly defined customer focus, product portfolio, communication and marketing.  This presentation provides practical guidance for managing a business appropriate and sustainable EA practice that is more closely aligned with business decision making at a 'board room' level while still adding value to those working at the rock face.

Stuart MacGregor, CEO, Real IRM Solutions (Pty) Ltd , South Africa
Stuart MacGregorThrough his personal achievements, he has gained the reputation of an Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance specialist, both in South Africa and internationally.

Macgregor participated in the development of the Microsoft Enterprise Computing Roadmap in Seattle. He was then invited by John Zachman to Scottsdale Arizona to present a paper on using the Zachman framework to implement ERP systems. In addition, Macgregor was selected as a member of both the SAP AG Global Customer Council for Knowledge Management, and of the panel that developed COBIT 3rd Edition Management Guidelines. He has also assisted a global Life Sciences manufacturer to define their IT Governance framework, a major financial institution to define their global, regional and local IT organizational designs and strategy. He was also selected as a core member of the team that developed the South African Breweries (SABMiller) plc global IT strategy.

2:45 - 3:30
Case Study: EA made simple to the CEO and the Board
How to deliver practical business transformation plan and business case in eight weeks

This case study will describe how we used Enterprise Architecture approach to Define, Develop, Implement and Planned to Exploit (pending) the necessary capabilities to transform a Financial Services Business.

Specifically we will describe how we:

  • Sold Enterprise Architecture approach to Transform Business (started with a two page strategic Intent document)
  • Defined Enterprise Architecture and Business Case in 8 weeks
  • Planned Implementation and Governance
  • Managed Key Stakeholders
  • Implemented Program Quality Metrics
  • Helped Create Next Generation IT Organization

Presenter: Jason Uppal, Chief Architect, QRS, Canada
Jason UppalJason Uppal, is a professional engineer registered in the province of Ontario, Canada. He holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, a graduate degree in Economics and a post graduate diploma in Computer Science.

Jason is recognized expert in Business Process Re-Engineering, Continuous Improvement and Automation. His Value Delivery skills transcended him to Enterprise Architecture and were awarded Master IT Architect certification by the Open Group in 2005. Since then he has successfully completed the re-certification in 2008. Jason is an active member of Enterprise Architecture community, a frequent speaker at many EA and IT governance related conferences and member of Architect Certification board since 2005.

Jason holds Chief Architect position with QRS ( His latest research interest include, Define Explicit relationship between EA Maturity, Investment Complexity and Business Value, IT Organization of the Future and Testability of Architecture Requirements. For further discussion, he can be reached at

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