The Open Group Conference - Seattle 2010

TRACK: The Business Impact of Cloud Computing
Wednesday, 9:00 - 10:30

9:00 - 9:45
Having the Cloud Conversation: Why the Business Architect Should Care

The label of "cloud computing" should describe a set of business benefits, rather than a mere shopping list of technologies. Cloud solutions should do more than relocate the IT complexity, cost, and delays of decades past into an Internet-accessible facility: the cloud should abstract above the complexity, streamline and manage the cost, and radically accelerate the time to value for innovative business solutions. Fortunately, this vision is now a compelling reality: IT architects can choose from a broad range of infrastructure services, application frameworks and packaged applications that exploit the cloud's defining strengths.

Peter Coffee, former Technology Editor at international IT journal eWEEK, will share the big picture of a cloudscape that is still rapidly evolving, but is ready to serve as a real source of competitive advantage today.

Presenter: Peter Coffee, Director, Platform Research,
Peter Coffee is Director, Platform Research at Previously, he served as Technology Editor of the enterprise IT journal eWEEK (including time under its former title PC Week); he has ten years' prior industry experience in aerospace and petrochemical project management, distributed computer systems planning and support, and AI applications research.

Peter is a widely recognized expert in cloud computing and topics related to the cloud. He has keynoted and spoken at a wide variety of worldwide industry events, including the IT Management Conference, the International Cloud Computing Conference 2009 and the Enterprise Cloud Computing Summit at The Open Group San Diego 2009.

9:45 - 10:30
Information Security in the Cloud: Maturity Gates that Must Be Met for More Secure Cloud Adoption

Information security in the cloud is one of the biggest barriers to wider spread cloud adoption.

The loss of control, security challenges, and the level of trust that must be given to the Cloud provider may seem like too much for an organization to swallow despite the prospect of cost savings.

Still, the Cloud computing platform is simply another step in technology evolution following the path of mainframe, client server and Web applications. Security concerns did not stop those technologies from being deployed, so there is a good chance that a Cloud will be coming to a computer near you someday soon. However, there is a security progression to keep in mind as you move to the Cloud. There are different maturity gates that must be met in security and IT management before you can test the waters of the Internal, Hybrid and External Cloud models.

Join CA Security Architect and Distinguished Engineer Tim Brown as he discusses various questions to ask as you consider moving to the Cloud and highlights information security and IT management must-haves before you execute and deploy various Cloud models.

Presenter: Tim Brown, Chief Security Architect & Distinguished Engineer, Security & Compliance Business Unit, CA Inc
Tim has overall responsibility for CA security solutions, including Identity Management, Server Security (Access Control), Data Loss Protection, and Web Access. Tim has more than 20 years of experience in information security, including threat research, vulnerability management, network security, and encryption.

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