The Open Group Conference - Seattle 2010

TRACK: TOGAF™ Tutorial
Wednesday, 2:00 - 3:30

2:00 - 3:30
Using TOGAF to Jump Start EA
This presentation gives brief introduction of Enterprise Architecture and its evolution into more holistic in nature, moving from Technology focus to Business focus. This presentation also talks about on how EA can help to architect the enterprise and how TOGAF can help in accelerating the business transformation. This presentation also talks about the method that the TOGAF provides for the architecture development. The newly added Content Framework in TOGAF 9 which gives a structured metamodel for architectural artifacts and the use of building blocks is also touched in this presentation. This presentation also emphasizes on TOGAF can help in establishing the architecture capability within the organization. This presentation also briefs on the relationship between EA and various management frameworks. All in all, this presentation elaborates on how TOGAF helps EA practitioner in performing EA work.

Presenter: Suresh Done, SNA Technologies
Suresh DoneSuresh Done is the Founder and President of SNA Technologies Inc. Suresh has more than 19 years of experience in IT and engineering. Suresh is a TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect, TOGAF Evangelist and a practitioner of "Holistic Enterprise Architecture". Suresh is a registered TOGAF certification trainer. Suresh had provided TOGAF training and certified several Enterprise Architects and IT professionals. He has provided Enterprise Architecture consulting services to major companies in Automotive, Health and Retail Industries.

Suresh provided EA strategy, IT planning and direction to several companies. Suresh had been involved in providing Business Strategy, business process analysis and business process modeling. Suresh had been involved in setting up standards for Technology roadmap and documenting some of the Enterprise Architecture patterns. Suresh’s contribution includes defining processes for IT value chain, Governance structure and Architecture processes. Suresh's research activities include Agility in Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Innovation, Management of Complexity and Change within the enterprises.

Suresh is the Co-Founder and Chairman of AOGEA Michigan Chapter. Suresh led AOGEA Michigan Chapter to a great success, which is now the largest AOGEA Chapter in the world. He is actively involved in driving the research activities within the chapter.



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