The Open Group Conference - Seattle 2010

Monday, 2:00 - 3:30

2:00 - 3:30
Capability Planning and Management In TOGAF

Presenter: Robert Weisman, CEO, Build The Vision Inc., Canada
Robert WeismanRobert Weisman has spent more than 25 years in enterprise level planning and implementation for business and IM/IT capabilities, in both private and public sectors in North America, Europe and Australia.

For the past five years Bob has been an active member of the Open Group Architecture Forum, a significant contributor to TOGAF 9 and President of the Ottawa/Gatineau Chapter of the Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects (AOGEA).

As Principal Consultant and CEO of Build The Vision Inc., he both practices Enterprise Architecture and provides in-house training for Enterprise Architects leading to TOGAF 8 and 9 certification.

Robert has an MSc in Computer Science and is a Professional Engineer and Project Management Professional.


4:00 - 5:30
TOGAF 9 Guidelines and Techniques
The TOGAF 9 ADM defines WHAT must be done to develop and deploy an Enterprise Architecture. This tutorial introduces many guielines and techniques which suggest HOW the tasks may be accomplished.

Presenter: Mike Lambert, Chief Technical Officer, Architecting the Enterprise Ltd, UK
Mike LambertMike was one of the pioneers of TOGAF. As Chief Technical Officer for The Open Group, he was the Technical Editor for the IEEE 1003.0 architecture standard in the late 1980s and responsible for the development of TOGAF with The Open Group until the publication of TOGAF 8.

Mike joined X/Open Company Limited (the predecessor of The Open Group) in 1994 from ICL, where he had a variety of roles leading up to Chief Architect for OMAC 29, ICL's flagship product for the Manufacturing Industry and Design Authority for all ICL's vertical application products.

As Chief Technical Officer, Mike was responsible for The Open Group's technical strategy and presided over the standardisation of UNIX.

On his retirement from The Open Group in April 2003, Mike was appointed as the first Fellow of The Open Group, in recognition of his extensive contribution to the development of Open Systems and Architecture.

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