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Secure eCommerce

The Security Forum is adopting and integrating relevant work on Secure eCommerce being carried out in such organizations as CommerceNet, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), NACHA (North America Clearing House Association), BITS (Banking Industry Technology Secretariat), ICC (Internet Chamber of Commerce), OECD (Organization for Economic and Commercial Development), ABA (American Bar Association), TIE (Trusted Infrastructure for Europe), and TESI (Trusted European Security Infrastructure).

It is also looking to support development of sector-specific standards where these add value to their industry sector - for example, FIX (Financial Information Exchange), OBI (Open Buying on the Internet) and OTP (Open Trading Protocol Consortium).

Two highly relevant public briefing sessions - one on Trust and Confidence for Electronic Commerce, and the other on Enabling Technologies for Electronic Commerce - were delivered at The Open Group's January1999 Member's Meeting.

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