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The Security Forum uses a range of email lists. Lists are created to faciitate email exchanges of information between members of focus groups or projects. As such, many email lists cease to be used when a focus group or project closes, and in these cases the list status is changed from Active to Frozen.

The email lists are shown in the table below. All are for members-only. You cannot send email to a list that you are not a member of.

If you wish to subscribe to any of these lists, please contact Ian Dobson or look at the options under the "Register" link at the top of this page.

The Open Group's email archive facilities enable members to retrieve any past emails sent to any list that they are a member of. They also enable you to check the current membership of those lists.

Email List   Description    Status Web Page
access-control Access Control project Active access-control
alp-participants Active Loss Prevention / Risk Management Active  
alp-riskvocab Risk Vocabulary project Active riskvocab
alp-trustserv Trust Services project Active trustserv
alpine EC ALPINE project - general list Active alpine
idm Identity Management project Active identity-mgt
intack Intrusion Attack project Active intrusion-attack
og-alp Open Group internal management list Active  
pki-guide-man PKI Guides & Manageability project Active pki-mgt
sec-arch Security Design Patterns project Active  
sec-arch-wip Discussion list for developers of Security Design Patterns Active  
sec-audit   Discussion list for those interested in Distributed Audit Services Active  
sec-authz   Discussion list for those interested in Authorization Services Active  
sec-cdsa2dev   Discussion list for those interested in the CDSA Technical Standard    Active  
sec-des-pat Security Design Patterns project Active sec-des-pat
sec-firewall   Discussion list for those interested in Firewalls  Active  
sec-guests   Discussion list for Security Forum guests   Active  
sec-guides Security Guides project Active sec-guides
sec-hrs Discussion list for those interested in Human Recognition Services API Active  
sec-label   Discussion list for those interested in Information Labelling  Active  
(was ogsecurity)  
General list that includes all Security Forum members Active mo-security
sec-mobile   Discussion list for those interested in Wireless and Mobile computing Active  
sec-pki   Discussion list for those interested in Public Key Infrastructure   Active  
sec-plan Security Forum Roadmap & Future Plans Active sec-plan
sec-privacy Editorial group for Guide to Data Privacy Active  
sec-smartcard   Discussion list for those interested in Smart Cards  Active  
sec-sso   Discussion list for those interested in Single Sign On Active  
sec_steering Security Forum Steering Committee Active  
spd_players Cast for the Savving Private Data workshop Axtive intack
azn-tg   Authentication API development    Frozen  
cdsa-next-tg   Defining high-level APIs within CDSA framework   Frozen  
cdsa2sc   CDSA Version 2 Sanity Check   Frozen  
dce-tech-pki   DCE PKI technical discussion list   Frozen  
ogcdsateam CDSA support team Frozen  
ogcdsavendor   The Open Group CDSA vendors   Frozen  
ogsec-wg   The Open Group Security Working Group   Frozen  
pki-cdsa-tg   The Open Group CDSA profile development task group    Frozen  
sec-cdsa2cor   Development of Corrigendum for CDSA Version 2 TS    Frozen  

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