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Security for the Enterprise

Table of Contents

Securing Distributed Computing Cover Story
DCE: Focus on Security, the Internet and the Future J. Maloney, The Open Group
Drilling for Oil with DCE:
An Interview with Tom Provost of Schlumberger
M. Gross, The Open Group
Full Enterprise Security Demands DCE J. Chinitz, IntelliSoft
DCE Security in HP's Praesidium/Authorization Server L. Lu, Hewlett-Packard
Extending the Scope of DCE Security J. Moreh, Open Horizon
Security - It's Not Just About Keeping The Bad Guys Out D. Adams, The Open Group

Security and the WWW

Securing the Web: An Infrastructure Based on DCE S. Lewontin, The Open Group
Securing the Web with DFS M. Sherman, Transarc Corp.
J. Milburn, IBM Corp.
Securing the SECOM Intranet G. Clark, Dascom
DCE-Web Applications Make the Grade at Penn State D. Fowler, Gradient Technologies

Security and Objects

Adding Security to ORBs with DCE J. Dohm, Deloitte & Touche
ObjectBroker and DCE Security J. Parodi, Digital Equipment

Sponsor and Corporate Information

Articles in this supplement show the security initiatives being undertaken by The Open Group through its technology and standards projects. Those articles bylined by a participating company have been included as a courtesy and do not necessarily represent the views of The Open Group. The Open Group disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the articles or for the ability of the products to perform in the described manner. Please address any questions on the various products directly to the respective companies.