SOA Ontology, Version 2.0 Open Group Standard : Acknowledgements


The Open Group gratefully acknowledges all contributors to the SOA Ontology project, and in particular the following individuals:

  • Edward Altman, Eli Lilly
  • Jim Amsden, IBM
  • Horia Balog, Telus
  • Stuart Boardman, Getronics
  • Brian R. Bokor, IBM
  • Rex Brooks, Starbourne
  • Abby H. Brown, Intel
  • Anthony L. Carrato, IBM
  • John Colgrave, IBM
  • Eric Dabbaghchi, MITRE
  • Mark Delaney, Penn State University
  • Michele Deo, HP
  • Awel Dico, Bank of Montreal
  • Chris Greenslade, CLARS
  • Ed Harrington, Architecting-the-Enterprise
  • Claus T. Jensen, IBM
  • Srikanth Kappagantula, HP
  • Radha Kasibhatla, HP
  • Heather Kreger, IBM
  • Milena Litoiu, CGI
  • Ovace Mamnoon, HP
  • E.G. Nadhan, HP
  • Miroslav Novak, HP
  • Mike Pasco, IBM
  • Rajiv Ranjan, HP
  • Kay Sampaongern, The Boeing Company
  • Todd J. Schneider, Raytheon
  • Jerome Sonnenberg, Harris Corporation
  • Andras Szakal, IBM
  • Ahmad R. Yaghoobi, The Boeing Company
  • Liang-Jie Zhang, IBM

While many of the above made strong contributions, special thanks are due to Claus T. Jensen, who was responsible for the technical direction and much of the wording of the published standard.




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