SOA Reference Architecture Technical Standard : Acknowledgements


The Open Group gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the following people in the development of this document:

  • Ali Arsanjani, IBM
  • Tony Carrato, IBM
  • Jorge Diaz, IBM
  • Awel Dico, Bank of Montreal
  • Michael Ellis, Independent Consultant
  • Mats Gejnevall, Capgemini
  • Shuvanker Ghosh, IBM
  • Chris Harding, The Open Group
  • Heather Kreger, IBM
  • Nikhil Kumar, ApTSi
  • Joost van der Vlies, HP
  • Liang-Jie Zhang, Kingdee

From IBM, the project team would like to acknowledge input and advice from the following colleagues: Raj Cherchatil, Arnauld Desprets, Jorge Diaz, Marc Fiammante, Donald Ferguson, Greg Flurry, Rolando Franco, Biffle French, George Galambos, Joe Hardman, Andrew Hately, Rob High Jr., Kerrie Holley, David Janson, Petra Kopp, Rao Kormili, Min Luo, Stefan Pappe, Emily Plachy, Siddarth Purohit, Robert Rafuse, Rachel Reinitz, Rick Robinson, Tony Storey, Raghu Varadan, Jamshid Vayghan, Bobby Wolf, Dan Wolfson, Olaf Zimmerman, Jia Zhang, and other members of the IBM worldwide SOA community of practice.

From ApTSi, the project team would like to acknowledge input and advice from Dinakar Sosale, Thomas Osberg, Anne Bonnar, Neb Brankovic, and John Mathew.




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