Navigating the SOA Open Standards Landscape Around Architecture White PaperĀ : Acknowledgements


We would like to thanks the following individuals for their participation and contribution to the development of this part of the Source Book:

  • Jim Amsden, IBM (OMG)
  • Ali Arsanjani, IBM (The Open Group)
  • Anthony Carrato, IBM (The Open Group)
  • Carleen Christner, HP (The Open Group)
  • Eric Dabbaghchi, MITRE (The Open Group)
  • Jorge Diaz, IBM (The Open Group)
  • Bob Ellinger, Northrop Grumman (OASIS SOA-RM TC)
  • Jeff Estefan, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (OASIS SOA-RM TC)
  • Ahmed Fattah, IBM (The Open Group)
  • Leonard Fehskens (The Open Group)
  • Mats Gejnevall, Capgemini (The Open Group)
  • Chris Greenslade, CLARS Ltd. (The Open Group)
  • Chris Harding (The Open Group)
  • Ed Harrington, Model Driven Solutions (OMG, The Open Group)
  • Allen Jones, Boeing (The Open Group)
  • Heather Kreger, IBM (OASIS SOA-RM TC, The Open Group)
  • Nikhil Kumar, Applied Technology Solutions (The Open Group)
  • Robert Laird, IBM (The Open Group)
  • Ken Laskey, MITRE (OASIS SOA-RM TC)
  • Milena Litoiu, CGI (The Open Group)
  • Sinan Madenli, CGI (The Open Group)
  • Francis McCabe (OASIS SOA-RM TC)
  • Bruce Miner, Direct Energy (The Open Group)
  • Duane Nickull, Adobe (OASIS SOA-RM TC)
  • James Odell, CSC (OASIS, OMG)
  • Harsh Sharma, Metlife (OMG)
  • Andras Szakal, IBM (The Open Group)




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