Using TOGAF to Define and Govern SOAs


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Open Group Guide

Using TOGAF to Define and Govern Service-Oriented Architectures

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Published by The Open Group, May 2011.


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Table of Figures

Figure 1: TOGAF Architecture Development Method 17

Figure 2: Open Group SOA Maturity Model 19

Figure 3: SOA Governance Supports IT and Enterprise Architecture Governance. 20

Figure 4: SOA Governance Reference Model 21

Figure 5: SOA Governance Vitality Method. 22

Figure 6: SOA Reference Architecture. 23

Figure 7: Scoping the Enterprise Architecture. 26

Figure 8: TOGAF 9 Meta-Model with Key SOA Entities Highlighted. 29

Figure 9: TOGAF 9 Meta-Model with Relationships Updated with SOA Extensions. 30

Figure 10: Phase B: Business Architecture Meta-Model Detail 33

Figure 11: Phase C: Information Systems Architecture Meta-Model Detail 36

Figure 12: Technology Architecture Meta-Model Detail 39

Figure 13: Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions Meta-Model Detail 41

Figure 14: SOA-TOGAF Meta-Model 46

Figure 15: Preliminary Phase Adjustments. 47

Figure 16: Phase A Adjustments. 48

Figure 17: Phase B Adjustments. 49

Figure 18: Phase C Adjustments. 50

Figure 19: Phase D Adjustments. 51

Figure 20: Phase E Adjustments. 52

Figure 21: Relationship of SOA Reference Architecture to SOA Meta-Model Entities. 53

Figure 22: Relationship of SOA Governance to SOA Meta-Model Entities. 54

Figure 23: Relationship of SOA Portfolio Management to SOA Meta-Model Entities. 54

Figure 24: Relationship of SOA Security to SOA Meta-Model Entities. 55

Figure 25: Relationship of SOA Security to SOA Meta-Model Entities. 56





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