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The Standards Development Process - Addendum #1


This section describes addendum #1 to be followed when initiating a Company Review of an Open Group Standard.

3.2.x Pre-Review Approval Process

Documents submitted for Company Review and intended to become Open Group Standards will be reviewed and approved by the Vice President responsible for the work area, and the Director of Standards prior to entering Company Review. This process is also applied to documents to be released under the Snapshot Process. The announcement of the review will also be circulated to all Forum Directors1.

This review will be coordinated by the Technical Editor passing the final draft of the document for review and approval prior to the announcement of a Company Review or prior to submission for internal Open Group Executive Management review and approval under the Snapshot Process.

Reasons for non-approval include:

Human Actors

Footnote 1:See the Standards Process Wiki for implementation details.

Last updated: November 2012