Semantic Interoperability

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Taking interoperability beyond the boundaries

It is estimated that between 40% and 80% of application integration effort is spent on resolving semantic issues, a task that typically requires significant human intervention. The expanding use of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Cloud Computing are further increasing the need for semantic interoperability that more efficiently aligns IT systems with business objectives.

The Open Group is aggressively addressing these challenges, primarily through the activities of the Semantic Interoperability Work Group, which leads the development and take-up of vendor-neutral standards, best practices, and technologies. Members of the Semantic Interoperability Work Group also improve their understanding of semantic technology, represent the interests of their organization, and benefit from the experience and resources of the group.

Find out how you can participate in this important work. The Work Group’s output is available to members from The Open Group Bookstore

The Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF)

The Open Group is developing a particular open standard to facilitate semantic interoperability: the Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF). With minimal training, UDEF practitioners can assign a universal index to any piece of data based on the core UDEF vocabulary and imported vocabularies. This makes it easy to relate new information to data already stored, and to exchange information with other enterprises — while significantly reducing the cost of configuring and programming interface software.

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If your organization can benefit from the reduced costs and greater productivity of better semantic interoperability, join the Semantic Interoperability Work Group and the UDEF Interested Parties Group. It all begins with membership in The Open Group!

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