Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference - Stockholm 2010 Biner Consulting The Open Group

Topics Covered by this Conference

How Enterprise Architecture can help drive business transformation
A competitive environment along with increasing demand for transparency requires companies and organizations to become agile and adaptive to change. Change requires architecture which means the ability to break down organizations into manageable structures. Business transformation therefore requires change management and architecture. This part will focus on the ability to connect these two things.

How to connect business models with operations via Enterprise Architecture
Business strategy and business model innovation has become more and more interconnected which means that new strategies often contain new ways of facing customers and alternative sources of revenue. The management of tomorrow will demand faster implementations of new strategies into their operations. This part will focus on the connection between business strategy, business model innovation and Enterprise Architecture.

Best practices based on real-life experiences from industry professionals
The journey of implementing Enterprise Architecture into your organization is like learning how to ride a bike. Training will take you far but the journey will be completed only when you start doing architecture work yourselves. This part will focus on best practice and real cases from different industries such as banking and government on implementing Enterprise Architecture.

How Enterprise Architecture is the base for a migration into the cloud
Large organizations contain many “enterprises” and need to be analyzed through views looking into the domains of business, information, application and technology. The results are then consolidated into “structures” or reusable building blocks which form the basis for planning and prioritization of the implementation projects, outsourcing and migration of IT applications into the cloud.

How TOGAF® 9 connects with and enhances other management disciplines
Within organizations today there exist many management disciplines for business development, quality assurance, project management and system development. This part will focus on how Enterprise Architecture connects with these disciplines.

How a successful implementation of Togaf® ADM involves ArchiMate® and a modeling tool
A successful implementation of a process for developing architecture based on TOGAF® ADM (Architecture Developing Method) requires a common notation and a tool. This conference will show you the connection of TOGAF® 9 ADM and ArchiMate® based on different Enterprise Architecture repository modeling tools. This connection makes architecture work practical and more accessible.

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