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Enterprise Architecture: Collaboration of Business and ICT

Enterprise architecture at the Dutch National Bank (DNB) supports all principal tasks (business domains) of the central bank, and comprises the business layer, application layer and technology layer.
The topic of the presentation is the way in which:

  • the DNB business domain architectures are defined in close collaboration with the business (division directors, management teams, information managers and employees).
  • the division directors and management teams then use the domain architectures to prioritise the desired changes in the business information supply.
  • subsequently, the domain architectures are used to realise the changes, again in a collaboration of business and ICT.

Intended audience: Architects in different roles, Business consultants and Business analysts IT Managers.

Key Takeaways:

    A way of implementing:
  • Collaboration/Combined actions of management teams, architecture and information management
  • Collaboration/Combined actions of architecture and business process design

Drs. Sandra de KruifDrs. Sandra de Kruif

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