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Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference - Stockholm 2010 Biner Consulting The Open Group
So you made an enterprise model, who cares?

GasTerra is a Dutch gas trading company with a relatively small workforce but a large annual turnover. The ICT department is small en relies heavily on outsourcing and on hiring external ICT personnel.

In the gas world where markets are changing rapidly and the governmental regulations require swift compliance, the application landscape is constantly under stress to support those changes. The single projects, under pressure to deliver functionality for the business on time and to budget tend to have the advantage in the discussions. The Architecture function is trying to get/keep on top of things to ensure that the ICT landscape is consistent and has an overall fit to the business requirements.

This presentation will not give you the recipe for success. It will take you along a sometimes bumpy road the GasTerra Architecture function has taken for the last years, going in the –we think- right direction, but still not there yet.

Sander DortlandDrs. Sander Dortland

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