Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference - Stockholm 2010 Biner Consulting The Open Group
Lean Business Development Managing the business architecture through Business Capabilities

The content of this presentation will show you a way of connecting a companies architectural models together, their priority and relations. EA 4.B is aimed for a business driven Enterprise Architecture, with Business Capabilities as the central artifact. Most important is to reach a level, where an organization talks about Automated Processes, instead of naming it Applications and Solutions.

  • How both IT and Business can communicate on equal terms and understand each other
  • How to get control of the most important asset within the company, The Business information.
  • How to improve the business value through both Business Capabilities and Technology Capabilities
  • A mutual way of describing a company

Intended audience: Business, Project and IT Managers, Architects.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to close the gap within an organization (primarily Business-IT) and raise the understanding of Enterprise Architecture.
  • That Business Capabilities can be the foundation for Business Information Management, but only through Business Ownership and Governance

Jan Nilsson Jan Nilsson

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