The X Consortium staff are pleased to announce the immediate availability of X11 Release 6.3, available via ftp from

The R6.3 release consists of three gzipped tar files in the directory pub/R6.3/tars/:

everything in xc/ that isn't in the other tar files
xc/fonts, xc/doc/specs, xc/util

The core sources and release notes are all in xc-1.tar.gz, so you can build the release from that file alone provided you set BuildFonts to NO in your site.def.

MD5 checksums for the tar files are as follows:

## Checksum table for X Version 11 Release 6.3
##   X Consortium, 23 December 1996.
## Failure to match a checksum for a given file does not
##   necessarily indicate the presence of a compromised file; it may
##   be merely a later version containing X Consortium patches.
# table for use by "md5check" nawk script

The untarred distribution, including release notes and build instructions, is also available in pub/R6.3/xc/.

We would like to thank the many Consortium members who contributed their time, efforts, and expertise to creating this release. In addition, I would like to personally thank the members of the X development team, who worked long and hard to complete this release. The team has done their usual outstanding job and can feel proud of what has been accomplished in this release. The whole staff, both still present and already departed, deserve our admiration and our respect.

Ralph R. Swick
Technical Director, X Window System Group
X Consortium Inc.
23 December 1996