The Open Group
VSC Release 5.1.1L
Release Notes

This document provides Release notes for The Open Group's Verification suite for Commands and Utilities (lite version).

1. Release Overview

VSC 5.1.1L is a lite version of the full VSC test suite, that is a subset of the full version. It provides test coverage for 77 commands and utilities from the POSIX.2-1992 specification. It is a self contained test package and comes complete with its own version of the Test Environment Toolkit, and distributions of the tcl and expect utilities that are used by the test framework. This release is distributed as a complete release.

1.1 Changes since the last release

None, this is the first lite release.

2. Release Contents

The release consists of the following files.

3. Documentation

VSC5.1.1L includes a User's Guide which provides comprehensive information on the installation, configuration and use of the test suite. Please consult this guide for assistance with its use.

4. Support

Support is available direct from The Open Group, contact your nearest Open Group sales office for more information on licensing the support service.

5. Size

The size of VSC5.1.1L when the suite is built is approximately 40MB. The size of the compressed distribution is roughly 4 MB. When running the complete test suite, journal files will be produced that are typically 1MB in length, so its recommended that at least 60MB of disk space be allowed for a test campaign.

6. Time

The test suite takes between 2 and 8 hours to run depending on the speed of the platform under test.

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