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VSW4 Information

VSW release 4.1.1 is an unsupported general release of the X/Open Window Management Verification Suite. It consists of a tar file containing files which have been derived from two sources:

  1. The MIT X test suite release 1.2. This is publicly available from MIT, and has been developed by MIT from release 1.1, which was produced by UniSoft under contract to MIT. This is a comprehensive Xlib and X Protocol test suite, including tests for chapters 2 to 10 of the MIT X11R4 Xlib specifications. These files contain MIT/UniSoft copyright notices.
  2. The X/Open Window Management Additional Tests. These are tests for chapter 12 of the document:
    • X/Open CAE Specification (1991) X/Open Window Management:/li>
    • Xlib - C Language Binding

    These files contain X/Open copyright notices. They have been developed by UniSoft under contract to X/Open.

VSW4 is freely available under the following Open Source (tm) Licence




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