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The Open Group has proven procedures and methodologies in a number of areas, some or all of which may be beneficial to you.

Develop Certification Test suites

The Open Group has unmatched experience in the industry of developing test tools to support certification programs. Available services range from experienced consultancy through to end-to-end certification program development. Examples of third party Certification programs managed by The Open Group including test tools developed by The Open Group include WAP® and LSB® certification.

Test Suite Development

Let us help you to produce all your QA and development tests, using a stable and reliable framework! Just think:-

  • Engineers can learn how to use one framework for a multitude of tests - no more time wasted trying to get up to speed on a different framework for each new test set that becomes available!
  • Your tests will all be produced to the same level of quality using The Open Group's processes and methodologies - these are key factors in the development of quality, industry-approved test suites, and we can use these processes to help your testing efforts!
  • You have the option of allowing The Open Group to support and maintain your test suites... Or you can support and maintain them yourself, adding and modifying tests as necessary.

Port Existing Tests

You have existing tests and you ideally want them in a standard framework, be that TETware, or the TSWAP/ XHTML Basic Tests. We can help you! We can port the tests and provide you with an updated framework that will allow you to run these tests... This will save you the time needed to learn how to write the tests using the framework tools and ensure that you are up-and-running quickly and efficiently!

Please contact us - we want to understand your problems and help you to find solutions.

A Complete Solution

The Open Group has the unique ability to develop fully integrated Certification and Test Programs.


The Open Group's processes and consensus-forming methodology are key factors in the development of industry- approved test suites that ensure a common measure of conformance for all products.

The Open Group has extensive experience developing and facilitating industry adoption of test suites used to validate conformance to an industry standard specification.  It has developed test suites over the last twelve years as part of IT Certification Programs for WAP, UNIX®, CORBA®, LDAP and LSB®

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