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Test Suites
VST5 Overview

The X/Open Transport Interface (XTI) Test Suite

Note that VST5 is now available as a zero cost update to VST4, and has superseded VST4 as from January 31st 1998


  • Verifies the system calls and header files for the XTI specification.
  • Over 400 tests
  • Mandatory for testing the Single UNIX® Specification (including V2)


The X/Open Transport Interface Verification Suite , known as VST, supports the following transport providers:

  • TCP/IP
  • UDP/IP
  • ISO classes 0-4
  • ISO Connectionless
  • ISO-over-TCP

VST uses the distributed version of the industry standard Test Environment Toolkit as its test harness. click for more more

Disk Space Requirements

Disk space requirements on a typical CISC based system are as follows:

  • Source Source + tests (built)
  • Master 3 Mb 15 Mb
  • Slave 1 Mb 8 Mb

Numbers of tests, and time to run

  • Over 400 tests

A typical test run typically 5 to 10 minutes per transport provider (e.g. 15 mins for TCP/IP + UDP/IP).

Test Coverage

The VSX test suite verifies the compliance of systems to the X/Open XTI specification - for the header file and the library function interfaces.

The changes in VST to accommodate testing the Networking Services Issue 5 definition of XTI, in addition to Networking Services Issue 4, are as follows:

Revised modes and reporting facilities

The config and install scripts have been changed to allow a choice of test mode (XPG4 or UNIX98). In XPG4 mode the suite behaves the same as VST4.1.4. The changes described below apply only to UNIX98 mode.


All existing library and test code (in both XTI.hdr and XTI.os) has been aligned with the change of certain structure members to the new types t_uscalar_t and t_scalar_t.

Changes to header tests

Prototype testing and namespace pollution testing has been added to the existing header tests.

New tests

Existence tests for the new interfaces have been added:

t_rcvv(), t_sndv(), t_rcvvudata(), t_sndvudata(), t_rcvreldata(), t_sndreldata(), t_sysconf()

Further Information




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