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Test Suites
VSU5 Overview

The Single UNIX Extensions Test Suite


  • Applicable for UNIX 95, UNIX 98 and UNIX 03 testing.
  • Verifies Large File support and UNIX additions over XPG4
  • Verifies X/Open Curses Issue 4 Version 2
  • Verifies XNS Issue 5 Sockets
  • Test Coverage: UNIX® 95, UNIX® 98
  • Feature Test Coverage: Sockets, STREAMS, System interface extensions, LFS, Curses
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Release Overview

UNIX 95/UNIX 98/UNIX 03 Support

VSU5 can be used to test either UNIX 95, UNIX 98 or UNIX 03 conformance. A configuration variable is added governing which version of the specifications is tested.


The size of VSU before the suite is built is approximately 40MB.

The size of VSU after the suite is built is roughly 300MB, exclusive of journal files, on a RISC system.


The suite takes from 7 to 9 hours to run on systems of current vintage.


VSU Core Summary

VSU verifies the UNIX® extensions to the core operating system calls and libraries. It is the industry standard test suite for Sockets, Curses and traditional UNIX system extensions. Test scenarios are supplied to make VSU a vital tool for regression testing feature areas, for example STREAMS, and sockets.

VSU uses the industry standard Test Environment Toolkit (TET) as its test harness. The TET is described at

Numbers of tests, and time to run

  • UNIX Test Mode - over 8,000 tests

Test Coverage

The VSU test suite verifies compliance of systems to Single UNIX Specification extensions for core kernel and library interfaces (VSX has be used in addition) . over 450 new added X/Open's XPG4 specifications Specification.

VSU features include:

  • The industry's first tests for the popular sockets and STREAMS networking interfaces. These interfaces are key to the development of portable client server applications
  • Extensive tests for development environments, ensuring a common application can be installed and built across systems bearing the UNIX trademark.
  • Tests for many interfaces originating in common UNIX variants: UNIX System V, BSD UNIX and OSF/1, providing a unified application environment across all these Operating Systems
  • Tests for the widely used CURSES terminal user interface package


X/Open is a trademark of X/Open Company Ltd., a member of The Open Group Motif, OSF/1 and UNIX are registered trademarks and X/Open, the "X Device" and The Open Group are trademarks of The Open Group.

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