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About the TOGAF 8 Examination

TOGAF 9 Certification is now available. See here for information

  • Exam Number/Name: OG0-081 TOGAF 8 Certification for Practitioners
  • Qualification upon passing: TOGAF 8 Certified
  • Delivered at: Authorized Prometric Testing Centers
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Other exams/assignments required for this certification: None
  • Exam type: Multiple choice
  • Number of questions: 101
  • Pass score: 70% (71 of 101 questions)
  • Time limit: 120 minutes
  • Fee: USD 400 (or local equivalent) plus applicable taxes
  • Recommended Study: TOGAF 8 Study Guide (8.1.1 Edition)
  • Recommended Training: See the TOGAF Training Register for training courses.
  • Next Step: Schedule an exam or locate a test center

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to take the Exam?

Prometric administers the TOGAF 8 Certification exam (OG0-081). The exam is available at any authorized Prometric testing center around the world. If calling within North America, contact Prometric at (800) 755-EXAM (755-3926). Outside the United States and Canada, contact your local Prometric Registration Center.
To register online with Prometric, visit the Prometric Web site at

Read about the Examination, including what it comprises, demonstration questions and where to take it.
Visit the Prometric web site to:

The TOGAF 8.1.1 Enterprise Edition Study Guide is now available.

The TOGAF Study Guide is now available in hardcopy or pdf for immediate download; 300 pages, with full coverage of the examination syllabus, test yourself questions, and a readyness examination

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What certification does the examination lead to?

This examination leads to becoming TOGAF 8 Certified.

Are there any prerequisite qualifications needed?


How much does it cost to take the Examination?

Certification exams are priced according to currency values in specific countries and regions. The TOGAF 8 certification exam costs 400 USD per exam. Certification exam prices are subject to change. In some countries and regions, additional taxes may apply. Contact your test registration center for exact pricing or purchase an exam voucher.

The format of the TOGAF Examination

The exam comprises 101 multiple-choice questions which must be completed within 2 hours.

What is the pass mark?

The pass mark for certification is 70%.

The topic coverage for the TOGAF Examination

The syllabus for the examination is available within the TOGAF 8 Training Conformance Statement, see .

The 6 Topic Areas covered by the examination together with the approximate percentage of the number of questions in the exam follows:

  1. TOGAF8 Architecture Development Method (ADM) - Process (50%)
  2. TOGAF8 Architecture Development Method (ADM) - Information Sets (25%)
  3. TOGAF Foundation Architecture (5%)
  4. The Enterprise Continuum (8%)
  5. TOGAF and Other Architectures / Frameworks (4%)
  6. Architecture Governance (8%)

Are there any demonstration questions?

Try the following 10 demonstration questions

What do I need to bring with me to take the Exam?

Check the requirements with Prometric.

Can I refer to materials while i take the exam?

No its a closed book examination.

How long after taking the exam does it take to get the result?

You will be informed by Prometric at the time of completing the examination.

Can I find out my score?

Yes, this is part of the test report supplied by Prometric.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, once you have passed the examination, Prometric will send your details to The Open Group, who will then contact you by electronic mail with account information to login to The Open Group web server to complete your certification. Once you accept the logo usage agreement you become certified and will be able to download your certificate and certified logos, and have have an entry on the certification register.

If I Fail how soon can I resit?

An individual who has failed an examination will not be allowed to retake the examination within 30 days of the first sitting. No candidate is allowed to take the same examination more than three (3) times in twelve (12) months.

Are there materials available to help prepare for the Exam?

Yes as well as the syllabus, The Open Group has a version of TOGAF 8.1 (publication G063) available for purchase, a Study Guide (publication B061 available for purchase, and there are a number of third party organizations who offer training see the Certification Register for more details.

A demonstration sample set of questions is available here to allow you to check your readyness for the examination.

Important Note: The Open Group does not claim that by taking a training course that you are guaranteed to pass the certification examination, however we do state that appropriate study is an important component in certification preparation.

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