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Getting Started with the TOGAF Certification Program

If you are an organization that wants to provide training, you need to take the following steps:

  1. You need a TOGAF commercial license agreement in place (see the licensing FAQ)

    Apply for a TOGAF 8 Commercial License

  2. You need to obtain a web certification account for your organization (see the Quick Step Guide)

    Register your organization and its contacts

  3. You need to prepare a Conformance Statement for the Training Course (see the Conformance Statements)

    Download the TOGAF 8 Training Conformance Statement template (use save as in your browser)
    This document must be retained in html format and not converted to any other formats.

  4. You need to register the Training Course as a certified course prior to its use for teaching a class (see the Quick Step Guide)

    View a series of screenshots

  5. Once certified you can then register batches of students for certification (see the Quick Step Guide)

If this is your first time you are also recommended to read the slide presentations in the order given below to understand the web certification system:

Introduction to the Web Certification System Presentation
TOGAF TRAINING, registering a course Presentation
Web Certification System Final Registration Stage Presentation
TOGAF CERTIFIED for Trainers (registering students for certification) Presentation

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